Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight with Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight with Fennel Seeds

A healthy body is something that everybody wishes to have. Even though it is not very easy to get a healthy body, it’s not impossible. A healthy body is easy to obtain with proper eating habits and regular workout. While some of them are worried about underweight, most of the people are worried about overweight. Trying out a hundred methods to lose weight might not work for you unless you keep an eye on what you are consuming. A healthy body will always remain a dream if you look obese, right? You should know that working out can only help you lose calories and help your body to stay fit. In order to lose a significant amount of weight, the eating habits matter the most.

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Our team will share with you a very successful weight loss method with fennel seeds. There are some specific foods that are specially designed for those people who want to lose weight. Many people are wondering what fennel seeds are. Well, fennel seeds are the perennial herbs which belong to the family of parsley that has various other herbs like, dill, cumin, caraway and so on. This perennial herb has flowers, leaves and seeds, all of which are great in medical and nutritional benefits. The actual nutritive value of fennel seeds has to come to light only in recent days after an intensive research that was conducted on the fennel seeds benefits. So let’s go and talk about how you can use fennel seeds for weight loss.

Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss - How to Lose Weight with Fennel Seeds

How Do Fennel Seeds Help in Weight Loss?

Are you asking “Can fennel seeds help weight loss?” Well, yes it does. Fennel seeds have made it to the list of top 10 seeds that aids your weight loss efforts. That should come as good news for all of those who are looking to lose weight. The science that’s behind this fact is that fennel seeds have the capability to increase the metabolism. It boosts the metabolism rate of your body helping you to burn excessive calories in your body.

The excessive fat that’s deposited in various parts of your body will be reduced drastically by consuming fennel seeds for weight loss on a regular basis. Another interesting thing about fennel seeds that aid weight loss is the fact that it acts as natural appetite suppressant. Most of the people who are obese are used to eating too much food at regular intervals of time. Some people are also into the habit of binge eating. Therefore the doctors suggest them to consume appetite suppressant pills. So instead of opting for artificial pills, why don’t you try the natural method of suppressing your hunger like the fennel seeds for weight loss? This will naturally decrease your appetite and you will eat lesser calories by the day. Also, check this: The Best Fat Burning Foods You Must Include in Your Diet

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Chew fennel seeds every day in the morning and evening for 5 to 10 minutes and you will be shocked to see that your appetite will come down to a great extent. Our best tip on this is to make a habit of chewing fennel seeds when you are traveling using public transport. That’s the best time to do so!

Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss - How to Lose Weight with Fennel Seeds

How to Use Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss?

  1. The Hot Fennel Seeds Tea

Fennel tea benefits are numerous. It helps in better blood circulation in the body and also increases the rate of metabolism. The fennel seeds tea is the best morning tea for those people who are looking to lose weight with not many exercises and heavy workouts.

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In order to make it, boil 1 liter of water in a vessel. After that add 2 tablespoons of fennel seeds to it and you will slowly notice the color of the water changing to light brownish color. Now add some sugar to it for taste. Turn off your oven and let it cool. Close the mixture with a small lid so that the steam inside doesn’t escape. The fennel seeds will sink into the water and become really smooth. If you want to make it a little more delicious you can squeeze half a lemon. You are already done! Drink this fennel seeds every morning for at least 35 days in order to see recognizable results in your weight loss. Related: Ajwain for Weight Loss & How to Lose Weight with Ajwain Water

  1. Cool Fennel Seeds Water

This is another method of consuming fennel seeds for weight loss. It’s much simpler and doesn’t require too much time. Before going to sleep, take a glass of water and add 2 to 2.5 tablespoons of fresh fennel seeds to it. Keep in mind to use mild water that’s not hot. You will notice that the fennel seeds are floating on the top of water. Let it stay for the whole night. The next morning you will notice a change in the color of the water and the seeds that’s sunk. Do not drain the water through a sieve as you must be chewing these softened seeds for losing your weight much faster. Drink this cool fennel seeds water for weight loss and your overall health.

Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight with Fennel Seeds

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