Can I Eat Cookies and Still Lose Weight?

Can I Eat Cookies and Still Lose Weight?

Desserts are very important. This is because after you eat, your blood sugar level drops; thus, the dessert compensates for that loss. In addition, sugar is an essential fuel source for your body. Therefore, you should include it in your daily menu. 

You may find this exciting and wonder, can I eat cookies and still lose weight? For that matter, dive into this short article to find it out and learn all the essential information you should know about this topic.

Can I Eat Cookies and Still Lose Weight

Can I Eat Cookies and Still Lose Weight?

Yes, you might lose weight despite eating cookies. Moreover, according to a study, eating dessert might be crucial for losing weight. This is because allowing yourself to eat sweets might help you curb food cravings.

Continue reading and learn what kind of cookies you should choose.

What kind of cookies should you eat?

The cookies you include in your nutrition should be nutritional. Hence, the best cookies for weight loss are oat cookies. As a study explains, oats have a significant effect on controlling high blood sugar levels and reducing weight. 

Moreover, you can always choose different flavors. Oat cookies with coconut, chocolate, peanut butter, and lemon are recommended, keeping in mind the study that shows coconut might help with weight loss and prevent obesity.

Furthermore, dark chocolate might improve your metabolism and strengthen your cardiovascular health. It may also improve your mood. Regarding peanuts, a study suggests that they may lower the risk of weight gain and obesity.

When it comes to lemon cookies, a study shows that lemon may reduce body fat. Therefore, choosing lemon, chocolate, oat, or peanut butter cookies can be considered a healthy snack. 

It is recommended to make the cookies at home instead of buying them. This way, you can make the ingredient list yourself and make them healthier. Moreover, you can always choose other nuts and dry fruits depending on your personal preference. 

How many cookies should you eat per day?

To successfully lose weight while eating cookies, you should pay attention to the calories. A study explains that counting calories is a better solution than reducing them. So, typically an ideal diet should consist of a maximum of 1200 calories. 

In addition, your daily intake of cookies per day should be around 150 to 200 calories; thus, it’s alright to eat 1 to 3 cookies per day. However, the exact number will depend on the size of the cookie and the ingredients themselves.

On the one hand, one medium size oatmeal cookie typically contains 60 calories. One medium size coconut cookie has 70 calories. Whereas one medium size oat chocolate cookie holds 91 calories. The same goes if the cookie is mixed with dark chocolate.

On the other hand, one medium size oat peanut butter cookie contains 67 calories, and one medium size oat lemon cookie has 90 calories. Therefore, as you might have noticed, the flavor makes a big difference even if all cookies are the same size.

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Can I eat cookies and still lose weight? The answer to the question is – it is possible. However, cookies should be just a part of it, not your whole diet. Therefore, you shouldn’t exaggerate in consuming any dessert.

Moreover, you should eat balanced food and try to include a variety of healthy ingredients. Also, don’t forget to be physically active. So, as Gigi Hadid once said, “eat clean to stay fit and have a burger to stay sane”.