Do Fat Cells Hold Water?

Do Fat Cells Hold Water?

Lipocytes and fat cells are other names for adipocytes, which form the majority of adipose tissue and are very good at storing energy in the form of fat. Living on proteins and fats without any tasty carbohydrates makes people wonder if the results are worth it. 

Moreover, the market is overflowing with keto products like keto bread, keto yogurt, and much more, but nothing comes close to a slice of pizza. And losing a lot of weight while jumping on the ketogenic diet is also known as the “whoosh effect”, which many people try.

But did you lose fat, or is it mostly water weight? Do fat cells hold water? Well, you should keep reading to find out! 

Do Fat Cells Hold Water

Do Fat Cells Hold Water? 

According to science, when the human body burns fat, the fat cells do not fill with water. The adipose tissue, or as we all know it, fat cells, stores an excess amount of energy. 

When you are in a calorie deficit and burn more than you eat, the body throws out the additional fat, and the cells shrink. 

Plus, when you start to drop pounds, the body converts the fat into carbon dioxide. This substance is expelled every time we breathe out. 

Additionally, the body transforms a small percentage of the fat into water, but no scientific evidence confirms the cells being filled with water. If you jump on the scale dehydrated, you will notice that you are heavier and bloated. 

By drinking a lot of water, you can throw out the excess water weight and see a noticeable difference in your body.

Helpful Tips for People Who Are Trying to Lose Weight 

If you hit a plateau with your diet and exercise regimen, the chances are you will jump on keto to try and lose weight as quickly as possible. But do fat cells hold water? Will you keep the weight off, or will it immediately come back after the first slice of cake? 

Because there are so many online lies and false claims about the fitness world, I would like to offer you some help so that you can better assess your goal and find the right approach to achieve it. 

Firstly, you have to ask yourself: why did you start the weight loss journey in the first place? If you only want to be more fit and adopt a healthier lifestyle, then why choose speed over quality and not adopt a sustainable diet so that you can keep the fat off forever?

It is a different scenario if you need to fit in a tight tuxedo for Saturday night. In that case, the keto diet will help you slim down quickly by extracting the water weight from your body. 

Ketogenic diet 

The ketogenic diet, if you are unfamiliar with it, is a diet that incorporates a very small percentage of carbohydrates and focuses on protein and fat. 

I have a lot of nutrition experience, and I find the keto diet beneficial only in certain scenarios. No one can live a normal life without a major macronutrient. 

When you eat only protein and fats, you will immediately start to flush out the water weight from your body which is caused by complex carbohydrates and sugars. 

So, if you need to tone down for a special event, the keto diet is perfect. Remember, your body must enter a ketosis stage for the mission to be successful.

Low-calorie dense foods 

On the contrary, if you like to lose weight slowly but gradually, without depriving yourself of carbs or starving, I would suggest starting a sustainable diet that includes low-calorie dense foods. 

By eating large dishes that can fill up your stomach without exceeding your calorie intake for the day, you can be in a deficit while feeling satiated. 

The best is that you do not have to count the macros; as long as you hit your protein mark, you can even build muscle while being in a calorie deficit. 

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The keto diet may be very beneficial when evaluated with the correct mindset. However, depriving your body of carbs, the tastiest macronutrient, will not help you reach your goal of moderate weight.

Therefore, do fat cells hold water? Hopefully, after reading my article, you are aware of the answer. I also mentioned some helpful diet tips for your weight loss journey!

Remember, moderation is key, and going too much in any direction can only help you in the short term.