How to Get an Hourglass Figure

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Many women want to know the answer to how to get an hourglass figure. The look of the hourglass is lovely, but how is it possible to have that? There are so many ways that are beneficial to have this pleasure. Some of them are not accepted because we don’t like undergoing surgeries. We also disagree that it is good to ingest some pills. We know that getting an hourglass figure can be achieved without doing any of this. We researched other methods that are very easy and more comfortable to accept.

Remember that the actual figure is the result of genetics, but with the right food, proper wear, and the right exercises, you can have the most desired hourglass figure. Right exercises and healthy food are a combination that makes you realize your desire for attractive looks.

In this article, we will write about correct exercises and healthy food that will help you get an hourglass figure. If this is what you want to know, you are in the right place.

Steps to Obtaining an Hourglass Shape

Steps to Obtaining an Hourglass Shape

Step 1: Begin with your upper body

Before you can achieve an hourglass figure, you’ll need to have your upper body in shape as well.

If you have a toned and curved lower body with a tight waistline, but your upper body is flabby and unsteady or overly small, your figure isn’t called an hourglass.

It’s critical to perform shoulder and arm workouts that will assist in toning and bulking up your upper body.

If you wore a waist-cinching strapless dress, think about how beautifully your shoulders and arms would suit your hourglass body. You can attempt arm circles, bench dips, and shoulder presses, among other activities.

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Circular arm movements

These are simple to do and require no special equipment.

Simply stand with your feet approximately hip-width apart, extend your arms out to the sides until they are in line with your shoulders, and then rotate your entire arm forward in tiny circular strokes.

You should not bend your elbows or wrists. Rotate your arms in circles for about 20-30 seconds, then reverse the rotation. If you want to make it more difficult, you may do this exercise while holding dumbbells.

Dips in the Triceps/Bench

These are performed while sitting on a chair, bench, or an exercise step. Sitting up straight on the edge of the step or chair with your legs out in front of you is what you’ll do.

Grip the chair or bench edge firmly, then slide your buttocks over the edge, lowering your body to the floor until your arms create a 90-degree angle.

Push yourself back into the starting position with your back straight and repeat for 15-20 reps. Perform three sets.

Pressing Your Shoulders

A shoulder press is performed by raising a dumbbell to shoulder level with your elbows bent while holding it in each hand.

Raise the dumbbells over your head without locking your elbows by progressively straightening your arms.

Hold this position for a few seconds before lowering your arms gently back to the beginning position. Repeat for a total of three sets of 15-20 repetitions.

These exercises will undoubtedly aid in the creation of an hourglass figure.

To get an hourglass shape, expand your chest.

An hourglass form requires a larger upper body in addition to curvy buttocks and a small waist.

You may enhance your pectoral muscles below your breast tissues using a variety of muscle-building workouts for a bigger, harder chest.

Bench presses, dumbbell flyes, and push-ups are excellent workouts for increasing pectoral muscles.

Bench Press Exercises

An exercise bench and a barbell are required for bench presses. Fill the barbell with the weights you choose, then set it on a bench rack and lay flat on the bench underneath it.

Reach up and grab the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart, then carefully pull it off the rack, repositioning the bar precisely above your center chest and extending your arms.

Lower the bar to your chest slowly, with elbows bent out to the sides. Repeat by pressing the bar back up to the starting position.

Flying Dumbbells

Dumbbell flyes are performed by lying flat on your back with a dumbbell in each hand and extending your arms directly above you.

Bend your elbows slightly and lower your arms out to the sides, forming a “T” shape with your body. Hold for a few seconds before gently raising your arms to the beginning position and repeating.


Start in a plank posture with your back straight and your palms flat on a firm floor shoulder-width apart and below your shoulders.

With your feet together, prop your feet up on your toes and balls of your feet. Slowly lower yourself until your elbows make a 90-degree angle, relying only on your arm power.

Raise yourself back up into the plank posture gently and repeat.

Step 2 – Make an effort to reduce your waist size

You must make an effort to slim down your belly and waistline. The most important aspect of acquiring the ideal hourglass form is getting a lower waistline. You’ll need to conduct a combination of weight loss and specific core workouts to achieve this.

However, you must exercise caution because many classic core workouts might bulk up your core muscles, resulting in a flatter but broader waist.

You don’t need this when your goal is to get an hourglass body! Тighten your waistline, and your core exercises should instead target your oblique and lateral muscle groups. 

Pull-ups, side planks, and side crunches are excellent exercises for this.


Pull-ups need the use of an exercise bar. Grasp the exercise bar with your fingers facing you — this is a challenging pull-up posture that works the lateral muscles well.

Raise your body to the point when your chin is just above the bar. If feasible, hold this posture for a second or two, then gently lower yourself back to the beginning position.

To keep your muscles engaged, avoid fully extending your arms and repeat.

Side Crunch

To do a side crunch, lie flat on your back on the floor with your hands lightly behind your head and your knees drawn up at a 45-degree angle to your torso, with feet level on the ground.

Raise your head and shoulders off the ground, then bend your upper body to the right as if trying to connect your right elbow and hip. As you perform this exercise, keep your hips and lower back in a neutral position.

Return to your starting place and do the same thing on the other side.

This workout may be challenging, but it is quite effective in achieving an hourglass body.

Step 3 – Make an effort to increase the size of your buttocks

To complete an hourglass figure, you’ll need to firm up and tone your buttocks.

Leg curls, lunges, and squats are glute-friendly workouts to raise and tone your buttocks.

Curls of the legs

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart to do leg curls. Curl your left leg backwards as far as you can, striving to contact your buttocks with your heel, hold for a second, then return to the beginning position by holding on to the wall or a bar for support.

You may use ankle weights or the leg curl machine at your local gym to boost the intensity and resistance of the workout.

Switch legs after 15 to 25 repetitions.


Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and taking a large stride forward with your right foot.

Bend both knees to 90 degrees and lower your hips. Maintain your core’s involvement. Your front knee should not cross your toes, and your rear knee should not contact the ground.

Return to your starting posture by keeping your weight on your heel, then repeat with the opposite leg. By holding a dumbbell in each arm and keeping both arms straight by your sides, you may make this exercise more difficult or intense.


Squats are performed by standing with your legs shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing outwards at 45 degrees.

Slowly lower your body as if sitting in a chair, maintaining your back straight and most of your weight on your heels until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Hold for a second or two before returning to a standing posture and repeat.

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Step 4 – Reduce your calorie consumption

  • Increase your water intake.
  • Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Always have healthy snacks on hand.

Eating six small meals every day rather than three large meals helps to increase your metabolism, allowing your body to burn calories more quickly. Make an effort to avoid processed meals.


You now have everything you need to achieve an hourglass figure.

Take action and start seeing results now that you know what you need to accomplish. Maintain your commitment to your fitness objectives and never give up.