What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat

What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat

When it comes to tight abdominal muscles, the first association of many people is the “classic” abdominal presses. And more precisely, daily numerous repetitions of them. However, the formation of the abdomen does not need to be done in this boring and stressful way for the lumbar vertebrae. The most important thing here is to find out what exercise burns the most belly fat.

What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat

The key to success is to use a combination of different movements. When fat burning exercises at home are combined in complementary series to load different parts of the abdominal muscles, they will provide you with optimal shaping. So, here are some of the best exercises that burn the most belly fat.


Isometric exercise (you load the muscles without moving them), which is easy to perform anywhere. It does not require special conditions or equipment. You only should have a flat floor. With this exercise, you will reduce your belly fat in a week!

Take a starting position for push-ups. Place your elbows just below your shoulders, your forearms should be parallel to each other. Straighten the whole body so that the shoulders, pelvis, and legs lie in one plane. Hold for 30-40-60 seconds.

Lifting the legs from a height

This strength exercise is the best belly fat exercise for men at home. It activates the muscles of the whole abdomen and especially its lower part, which is more difficult to shape. This is one of the basic abdominal exercises. Suitable for those who are more advanced with training. If you are a beginner, you can perform the lift with your legs slightly bent at the knees.

So let us explain what does this exercise that burns the most belly fat looks like. Take a starting position by grasping the lever with a shoulder-width extension. Relax your legs freely down. Tighten the abdomen and lift the legs until the thighs form a right angle with the torso. Hold for a second in the up position and control and slowly lower your legs to the starting position. Related: Recharge Your Exercise Motivation and Get the Most of Your Potential

Bicycle abdominal presses

This exercise works on a much larger part of the abdomen and is much more effective than classic abdominal presses, although it looks like them. It should be an integral part of any belly fat burning workout. The idea here is to load the lower, upper, and lateral abdominal muscles simultaneously, using the opposite leg and arm.

Sit on the floor and relax your body back with your hands behind your back. The legs are slightly bent at the knees. Start moving your legs as if you were pedaling a bicycle. At the same time, with the opposite hand, try to touch the knee with the elbow. Alternate right foot – left hand with the left foot – right hand.


The technique of this exercise is simple and effective. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced. This is again an isometric exercise that can melt 1-2 inches from the waist in 3-4 weeks. If you are looking for weight loss exercise, this is it.

Sit in a chair or stand up straight so you feel comfortable. Take a deep breath and exhale until there is very little air left in the lungs. Concave your abdomen inward and upward (toward your head). Count to five, relax your abdomen and inhale.

Lifting the legs from the leg

The load falls on both the rectus abdomen and the inner and outer obliques. When it comes to what exercise burns the most belly fat, this load is among the most effective ones.

Lie horizontally on your back with your legs straight. Place your arms under the gluteal muscles or away from the body. As you exhale, lift your legs between 45 and 90 degrees. If possible, try not to bend your legs at the knees. The spine should not be twisted but should remain firmly attached to the floor or bench. Inhale, slowly return your legs to the starting position.

Mountain climber

The “mountain climber” is one of the most popular cardio exercises to lose belly fat at home. In addition to loading the abdominal and several other muscle groups, this high-intensity exercise helps speed up the metabolism. It helps to increase the strength of the legs and improves flexibility.

Stand in a push-up position, then place one leg as close to your chest as possible. The purpose of the exercise is to swap the places of the folded and stretched leg at the same time and quickly, so that the stretched leg does not remain on the floor for more than a second, but is immediately replaced by the other.

Mountain climber - What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat

Double abdominal presses

A variation of the classic abdominal presses, which emphasizes the lower and upper rectus abdominis.

Lie on your back on the floor or a mat and place your hands behind your neck. Place your feet on the floor, bending your knees. This is the starting position. As you exhale, slowly lift your upper torso until it comes off the floor. Bend the spine only in the last phase of the movement. At the same time, raise your knees to your chest. Read more: Most Effective Fat Burning Workouts You Can Do at Home


We have introduced you to our favorite exercises when we think about what exercise burns the most belly fat. Properly combined, they provide a full load on all abdominal muscles and are guaranteed to tighten and retract the abdomen.

Besides, no matter how long you train your abdominal muscles, nutrition is also important. Remember that if you eat indiscriminately, it will be difficult to see the results of your efforts. So if you have excess subcutaneous fat, in addition to abdominal exercises, you should pay attention to your cardio. And above all, never underestimate your diet.