Find Out the 25 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on the Planet

Find Out the 25 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on the Planet

If you have a plan on losing weight or you already started and you’ve been wondering what weight loss friendly foods you should include in your diet that will keep you satisfied, but also that will help you in your weight loss diet, you have founded the right article to read! So let’s learn something new about the most weight loss friendly foods on the planet.

Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods That Perfectly Fit In Your Weight Loss Diet:

  1. Whole Eggs

In the past the whole eggs were avoided because of the fear for being high in cholesterol. New studies show that they don’t have such huge influence on cholesterol and more important they don’t cause hear attacks. These days’ whole eggs are the best foods you can eat if you want to lose weight.

They have high amount of proteins, included healthy fats which will make you feel full with a very low calories. One test with 30 overweight women showed that eating whole eggs for breakfast instead of bagels had increased satisfaction and caused them to eat less for the next 36 hours. Another study lasting 8 weeks showed that eggs for breakfast can have a huge impact if you want to lose weight compared to the diet of bagels. Read also: 32 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast

Whole Eggs - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Apples

Apples are one of the best weight loss friendly foods you can eat while you are on a diet! Apples are an excellent add-on to your weight loss diet. Very low on calories, full of vitamins and minerals, full of fiber. They will help you maintain your blood sugar level which will result saying no to high calorie foods. Also a great advantage that apples have is that they contain low-sodium that can help prevent excess water weight and retention.

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  1. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are very useful for the human body, they include kale, collards, Swiss chards, spinach and a few others. They have several ingredients which makes them perfect weight loss friendly foods. They have very low amount of calories and carbohydrates, but are full with fiber.

By consuming leafy greens you have a great way to double the volume of your meals, without increasing any calories. Many studies show that meals and diets with very low amount of energy make people consume lower amount of calories.  You should know that leafy greens are nutritious and contains high score in all sorts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Plus it contains calcium, which in few studies has shown to aid fat burning.

Leafy Greens - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Pumpkins Are Weight Loss Friendly Foods

We all know what we use pumpkins for, right? Well they are not just for Halloween decoration. Pumpkins are not only healthy treat, but one of the top weight loss friendly foods around. Very low in calories, but as you can imagine full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Plus they are perfect source of antioxidant beta-carotene. It’s not that important if you eat it fresh or canned, you will still get the same nutritional benefits from it! Have pumpkin for breakfast, even though it’s low on calories you will feel just about right!

  1. Lean Beef and Chicken Breast

Well as many of you know meat was avoided because it has been blamed for health problems, but however there were no good proofs to back up that statement. Processed meat is already shown as unhealthy food, but studies show that unprocessed red meat doesn’t increase the chance of getting heart disease or diabetes. Considering two big reviews, in men red meat has a weak correlation with cancer, and no correlation with women. All things considered, meat is a food you might find yourself eating while you are on diet because it contains high amount of protein.

Protein is well known for fulfilling nutrient, and having a high protein diet will make you burn up to 70-100 or even more calories per day! A lot of studies have shown that if you increase your protein intake to 25-30% of calories can and will cut starving by 60%, and make weight loss of a pound per week if you just add protein to your diet.

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  1. Ginger Root

Consuming ginger on daily basis will reduce the muscle pain caused by workout as much as 25 percent, according to a numerous studies in 2010. You will have more workouts if your muscle pain is lowered to minimum! You should add fresh ginger into soups or smoothies. Many experts in this field recommend storing peeled ginger in the fridge in order to keep it fresh.

Ginger Root - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Boiled Potato

As time goes by, white potato seems to have fallen out of favour for unknown reasons. Despite the fact that they come with several components which makes them a perfect weight loss friendly foods, both for weight loss and health.  They contain huge range of nutrients, in other words a little bit of everything we need. There have been a numerous examples of people living on nothing but potatoes for limited periods of time. Potatoes contain high amount of potassium, a very great nutrient that most people don’t consume enough and has great role in blood pressure control.

On the scale called “Satiety Index”, which job was to measure how fulfilling different foods are, boiled potatoes scored the highest of all the foods that were tested. So this mean, you will feel a lot of satisfied if you eat white boiled potatoes, instead of other non-nutrient foods.

  1. Garlic

Garlic contains the very specific ingredient called allicin, which has anti-bacterial effects and has very important role in reducing unhealthy fats and high amount of cholesterol. In our body, garlic acts as a natural appetite suppressant in many ways. Strong odor of garlic stimulates the satiety center in our brain and that cause to reduce the feeling of hunger. Also it has role into increasing the brain’s responsive to leptin(hormone that helps to regulate appetite).

Garlic - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

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  1. Tuna

Tuna contains very low calories in it, but it is high protein food. It is lean fish, that’s why it doesn’t have much fat in it. Tuna is very popular food among fitness models and bodybuilders who are on a strict diet. Consuming tuna is a great way to keep the protein level to high, that in the same way keeping the calories and fat to the minimum.

Tuna - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Cottage Cheese

One of the best friendliest foods when you are on a diet is cottage cheese. It is mostly just protein with very little amount of carbohydrate and fat. Consuming plenty of cottage cheese is a great way to get your protein intake to the next level! It will make you feel full no matter the fact that contains very low amount of calories. Also it has high level of calcium in it, which will lead to aid in the fat burning process.

  1. Runner Beans

Runner beans are very filling and high protein beans that are low in fat and high in fiber. One of the problems with low calorie diets is that you are always hungry. By consuming foods like beans, that contains high amount of protein you will feel full, although you are eating smaller portions. One thing that you should always keep in mind for these beans is that you need to make sure that you will cook them thoroughly before eating, because they have a chemical called “lectin phytohemagglutinin”, a toxin that creates a stamp effect on the red cells in our blood.

Runner Beans - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Nuts Are Weight Loss Friendly Foods Also

Despite the fact that nuts are high in fat, they are not inherently fattening. They contain balanced amounts of proteins, healthy fats and fiber. Many researches have proven that eating nuts can and will improve our metabolic health and can even cause weight loss. Studies between populations have also shown that those who eat nuts are usually healthier, and leaner than those people who don’t. However keep in mind that they are still pretty high in calories. If you tend to consume large amounts of nuts, it may be for the best just to avoid them.

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Nuts - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Beans and Legumes

Different beans and legumes can be useful for losing weight. In the list are included black beans, kidney beans, lentils and some others. These foods have a high amount of protein and fiber in them, which in result are the two nutrients to make us feel full without eating too much. Many people say that they have a problem tolerating legumes. Because of this reason, it is important to prepare them properly.

  1. Pears

Pears have high amount of fiber in them, which can help you for regulating your digestive system. They also have pectin which gives us fullness. As a matter of fact they contain only 100 calories per pear, juicy, sweet fruit that is a great stand-alone snack or you could eat it with meal.

Pears - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Avocado

Avocado is a very unique type of fruit. Most of the fruit are full of carbs, but avocados are loaded with healthy fats! They are high in monounsaturated oleic acid, which is the same type of fat found in olive oil. Despite the fact that they contain mostly fat, they also have a lot of water. Avocados are perfect if you use them as additions to salad, because many researches have shown that the fats in them could go very high from the vegetables.

Avocado - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is very popular among the natural health community. Several studies about this have shown that vinegar can be very useful if you are trying to lose weight. Let’s take an example for this, taking vinegar at the same time when you are about to eat high carb meal, can and will increase the feelings of fullness and will make you eat 210-285 fewer calories for the rest of the day. One study also showed that taking up to 15 or 30 mL of vinegar per day for about 12 weeks caused weight loss of 2.6 – 3.7 pounds. Also another thing about vinegar is that vinegar lowers blood sugar spikes after meal, which results into many sorts of beneficial effects on health.

  1. Tangerines are Weight Loss Friendly Foods Too

If you are having problem with fighting winter cold and not gain some extra pounds, you should try some tangerines! It is antioxidant-packed fruit which will help you lose weight, but also drastically will boost your immune system! This fruit have less than 50 calories, but will satisfy sweet craving and for sure it will suppress your appetite.

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  1. Pomegranates

One pomegranate contains around 150 calories, but it is high in vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, and potassium. Pomegranates are very nutritious and their high level of fiber helps in control of blood-sugar. To get the best benefit from pomegranates you should eat the whole cup in order to start losing weight.

Pomegranates - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Brussels Sprouts

Despite having 10 calories, ½ gram of protein and ½ gram of fiber per one Brussels sprout. This nutrition will help you to feel satisfied longer when you are eating fewer calories. Don’t ruin them by cooking with pancetta or bacon. You should try roasting with olive oil, garlic or you should try making Brussels sprout chips – toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, peel off each leaf then roast them until crispy for best benefit!

Brussels Sprouts - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Some Whole Grains

Despite the fact that grains got a really bad rep in the recent years, there are some types that are most definitely healthy. This includes some whole grains that are full with fiber and contain a high amount of protein as well. Some cases include oats, quinoa and brown rice.

Oats are full of beta-glucans and fiber which in some studies have shown to increase satiety and improve metabolism.

Rice, doesn’t matter if its brown or white. Also contains significant amounts of starch especially if cooked and afterwards to cool off.

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You should know that refined grains are a disaster, and on foods that sometimes have whole grains on their label are highly processed junk food, and it’s fattening and unhealthy. If you are having low carb diet you’ll want to avoid grains, because they have high level of carbohydrates in them. However there is nothing wrong with having some healthier grains if you are not on a low carb diet and you can tolerate them.

  1. Chili Peppers as Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Consuming chili peppers may be very useful on a weight loss diet. Chili peppers have a substance called capsaicin, which in some studies has proven to lower your appetite and drastically boost fat burning.

This substance, capsaicin is sold in a supplement form and it is a very common ingredient in many commercials that advertise weight loss supplements. Just by eating 1 gram of red chili pepper will reduce the appetite and will increase fat burning process for those people who don’t consume peppers regularly. However you should know that there was no effect on those people who were used to eat spicy food.

Chili Pepper - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Pecans

If you are really determined and going nuts to lose weight, you should definitely try adding pecans to your diet.  Because pecans are so rich in heart healthy fat, it won’t take much to make you feel full. They contain a lot of vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium and fiber. Also let’s not forget they also have antioxidants. One study from the Harvard School of Public Health, when nuts including pecans were included in a diet people were able to lose a lot of weight and they maintained to keep that weight for longer period than those people who followed the typically low fat diet.

  1. Fruits

Almost all of the health experts agree that eating fruit is very healthy for us. Numerous studies have shown that people who consume most fruit and also vegetables are healthier than those who don’t eat. Correlation is not equal with causation, so those researches don’t prove anything. But most of the fruits have the nutrients that make them weight loss friendly foods.

Despite the fact that they contain sugar, they are low on energy density and it takes some time to chew them. The fiber that comes with them prevents the sugar from going to fast into the bloodstream. Only people who should avoid or keep the fruit consuming to minimum are those who are on a low carb diet, or have some problems to fructose. For the rest, fruits should be effective also delicious addition to a weight loss friendly foods list.

Fruit - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

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  1. Coconut oil

Not all fats that exist are created equally. Coconut oil has high level of fatty acids of medium length. That is called “Medium Chain Triglycerides”. Those fatty acids in many studies has shown to increase satiety when compared to other fats, also increases the amount of burned calories. There are some other two studies. One in men and the other in women that shows coconut oil leads to reduce amounts of belly fat.

However, you should keep in mind that coconut oil still has calories, so adding it after you ate something is probably a really bad idea. This means that this isn’t about adding coconut oil to your diet, but to replace some other cooking fats with coconut oil.

Coconut Oil - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

  1. Grapefruit

One fruit that specially deserves to be highlighted is grapefruit, that’s because the effects on weight loss control have been studied directly. In one study that included 91 individuals, just by eating half a fresh grapefruit right before meals caused to lose 3.5 pounds over a period of 12 weeks. The grapefruit group also had cutback on insulin resistance. That being said, eating half of grapefruit about a half hour before your daily meals will help you to feel satiated and will make you to consume fewer calories.

In the end, if you want to lose weight you must do it properly so check out our article: Lose Weight Fast: How to Do It Properly Without Harming Yourself

Find Out the 25 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on the Planet

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