7 Ways to Stick to Any Goal and Succeed in Your Weight Loss Journey

7 Ways to Stick to Any Goal and Succeed in Your Weight Loss Journey

If you have been going to the gym regularly at the beginning of the year, and refuse to be another mid-March dropout, our team has gathered excellent 7 ways to stick to any goal you set.

Easy Ways to Stick to Any Goal in Your Weight Loss Journey:

  1. Be Realistic

One surefire way to discourage yourself from your goals before even starting is by setting unreachable goals for yourself. Estimate your current fitness level and then create your goal accordingly. Keep in mind that you are a regular person with real life dements, you are not being paid to consume right or look good like the envy-including celebrities or models we see on all the hot magazines.

You should be realistic about any weight loss, weight gain or weight lifting targets as well as the time frame you give yourself to achieve that goal. You are not going to lose or gain 50 pounds overnight nor are you going to gain 50 pounds in your lifts overnight. The best way to stay on the right track is just to be honest with you and set achievable goals.

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  1. Be Ready to Say “NO”

Whether it’s the birthday cake at work or those extra beers afterwards, you need to be willing to politely refuse. You will come to notice how often you are bombarded with invitations for extra calories but keeping the greater goal in your mind will help you stay on the right track. Take it as a chance to let those around you in on your fitness goals. The more people are aware of your goals, the less likely they are to press you with deterrents and you might even inspire some of them as well to start a journey on losing weight. Read: Seven Tips for a Long and Healthy Life

Outside factors aren’t the only threats to your goals however; you also need to be willing to say no to yourself. This is very important in that moment right when your brain begins to form the thought, “I think I am too tired for the gym today”. There are definitely times when your body needs rest, but don’t let a small thought of “I don’t really want to” turn into a recurring theme. You should keep in mind that getting to the gym is more than half the battle.

Say No - 7 Ways to Stick to Any Goal and Succeed in Your Weight Loss Journey

  1. Spice Things Up

If you let your fitness routines to grow old and stale, your drive and motivation will become much harder to maintain. Include new workouts and use new weights and machines. There are many different workouts that help work out the same body part or burn the same amount of calories; all you have to do is look for them.

Instead of using the usual treadmill or elliptical cardio, maybe head into the studio for some calorie-shredding kick boxing or Zumba classes. Don’t be afraid to take the workout outside of the gym either. Look for a nice big park where you can do your cardio and enjoy some fresh air while you are doing it. With good weather, running in the park can be both more rewarding and effective than running indoors.

  1. Have a Support System

If you are serious about your goals, then make it known to those in your circle. Not only will help reduce the number of temptations thrown at you from your work colleagues, friends and family but it will also give you more people to hold you responsible.

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Lying to yourself is easy when sneaking in extra snacks and skipping workout days, but having to give reasons to others tends to keep you more honest and on the right track. And you never know, you might be inspiration for many friends or family members to join you on your fitness journey. Check this: 8 Weight Loss Strategies That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight Fast

  1. Hold Yourself Responsible

Not only should you be willing to say no to yourself when needed, but you need to be able to criticize and correct yourself when you drift way too far. Even the world’s best fitness strategy will fall apart if you aren’t willing to stick to it. Be ready to sit down and have talks with yourself about your current progress and whether or not you feel you are on the right track. Be honest with yourself as you will be only cheating yourself if you lie.

Congratulate yourself if you are on track or ahead of it, but also reprimand yourself if you know you’ve allowed yourself to drift way too far. An excellent tool to keep yourself honest is to have consequences for the slip ups. For example, if you went over your daily calories, then add some time to your cardio. If you have a few extra beers when you were out, maybe next gym session is cardio and weights. Make tools for yourself that keep things interesting but more importantly to keep you on the right track.

Responsibility - 7 Ways to Stick to Any Goal and Succeed in Your Weight Loss Journey

  1. Set Milestones for Yourself

Fitness goals are usually weeks, if not months away and sometimes this may work against you. Working hard and consuming the right food for weeks and weeks on end without achieving your goal can become increasingly discouraging.

Setting mini-goals up along the way to your final goal is an excellent way in keeping your motivation up. Whether its weight loss/gain or weight lifting, have weight goals and congratulate yourself when you reach them. You can even make a reward system for yourself when you reach the mini-goals you set. Just keep in mind to be careful not to make these rewards counter-productive. Instead of a bonus cheat meal, you should reward yourself with some new workout gear. Related: The Best 5 Weight Loss Supplements for Losing Weight Faster Than Light

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  1. Be Patient

Keep in mind that fitness goals aren’t something that you can reach overnight. It’s going to take some time and lots of effort but you will start to realize that the more you do it, the more you will want to do it.

The most awesome thing about fitness goals as opposed to other kinds is that fitness isn’t simply a target that you reach and you are done with; Fitness is a goal that you get to be. The new body, the extra energy and the boosted confidence is all yours and you will see how all the time and effort was absolutely worth it.

7 Ways to Stick to Any Goal and Succeed in Your Weight Loss Journey

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