Tips to Get Calories Out Of Restaurant Food • Weight Loss Tips, Diets

Tips to Get Calories Out Of Restaurant Food • Weight Loss Tips, Diets

Eating out is fun, however it can be tough to stay healthy. If you don’t eat out very often, you probably want to make it special. You may have read some articles about how to shave calories at restaurants, but do you really want to pay high restaurant prices for plain steamed vegetables and undressed salads? While it’s not always realistic to pay for a personal chef, so going out to dinner lets us to enjoy ourselves while someone else prepares us a delicious meal. If you don’t know how to control what goes in your meal, you probably will end up consuming a lot of ingredients that aren’t so healthy.

Restaurant food tastes amazing and that is because it’s full with calories in the form of oils, sauces, butter etc. It is a real pleasure to enjoy the meal and it is satisfying, but it’s not helping to you if you are on a diet. In one study has been shown that the average restaurant entrée has almost the full amount of calories, sodium and fat that you should consume in an entire day. We are going to share some excellent tips for cutting the calories in your restaurant food and in the same time to enjoy a delicious dinner!

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  1. Skip the bread and rolls

Most family restaurants still serve a bread basket with your meal. Just skip it, unless it’s a fresh baked loaf or some really special bread. You don’t have to fill yourself up with ordinary bread when you are paying good money for amazing meal. Ask the waitress to take away the bread if you can’t resist, but you are an adult so you can resist if you want to. Choose not to put a roll on your plate. You could try it, just once and see if you don’t walk out of that restaurant feeling strangely powerful. At least skip the butter if you can’t skip the rolls. That is right, eat it plain. Whole grain bread is delicious all by itself.

Bread and Rolls - Tips to Get Calories Out Of Restaurant Food

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  1. Don’t do dips

It can be very tempting to share a dip with the table for an appetizer. However, keep in mind that dips are often high in calories and fat. They will probably fill you up before your main meal arriver, but you’ll still feel pressured to eat your entrée. Chips, crackers or bread that are often served with dips don’t have much nutrition in exchange for their high carb count. So do you really need that double dose of calories in your organism? If you want an appetizer, steamed or raw seafood is a better option. Raw veggies with salsa will also keep your mouth and hands busy so that you don’t fill up on unhealthy alternatives. You should know that ordering a salad before your meal can help you to eat fewer calories when your entrée arrives, but keep in mind to steer clear of the high-calorie toppings and dressings.

  1. Say NO to super sizing

The size you want to order is already too big. Stop super sizing and not only you will save money but you will cut on calorie intake too! Instead, order one dinner and ask the waitress for an extra plate. Most of the restaurants will charge you a dollar or two for extra plate but it’s worth it. Share the meal with your friend or partner and you split the bill down to the middle, also you are splitting the calories you are about to eat! There is another option to order from the so called appetizer menu. Two people could order three entrées, one dessert and decide to split the whole thing but it’s still a ton of food!

  1. Don’t eat too fast

When you are taking a night out to eat, take your time, savor the moment and enjoy the flavors. A big part of getting in contact with your hunger signals and learning to consume food what really will satisfy is learning to recognize the subtle signs of hunger. You probably won’t know when you are closing to satisfaction if you’ve eating everything in five minutes. This kind of eating causes overeating and you will end up gaining weight. Take a bite then notice, how many times you chew your food before you start to swallow? Get a habit to chew the food more than just once or twice and your body will be much happier. You should know that a large part of digestion begins in your mouth, not to mention you’ll get more pleasure if you let the food linger.

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Don't eat too fast - Tips to Get Calories Out Of Restaurant Food

  1. Order Water

Beverages that contain high amount of calories usually have very little nutritional value. Instead of taking a drink full of calories and that’s something that not going to fill you up, just order water. If you think that ordering water is lame, squeeze a lime or a lemon into it. If you find it hard to avoid drinking alcohol, especially in social situation, stick with a clear liquor and soda water with a lemon or lime. Last thing to mention is that you shouldn’t be fooled by thinking that diet soda or tonic is a good option. According to some studies, the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas cane trick your body into burning less fat and craving more sugar.

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  1. Check the menu before you go

You can do a little research if it’s possible before you go to the restaurant. Check this: 10 Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight and Stay on Track. Knowing what is on the menu is a great idea because it can help you to decide what you are going to eat before you go. Planning ahead can also help you to avoid last-minute cravings just because you can’t pick a healthy option. Usually you can find something about the restaurant you want to go on the internet, but if you can’t just call them and ask about substitutions or preparation methods. Also knowing what’s on the menu gives you a great opportunity to avoid places that just don’t have low-calorie choices.

Tips to Get Calories Out Of Restaurant Food • Weight Loss Tips, Diets

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