10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not Losing Weight As You Have To

10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not Losing Weight As You Have To

Most people find it easy at first when they start losing weight, but after losing the first pounds most of them might find it hard to lose more. That’s simply because, your body fights back when you start to lose weight. You probably are following your weight loss diet strategy, working out regularly, paying attention to what you eat etc. You do all of the things above perfectly, however you still don’t see any results when you weigh yourself. If you are with this problem, don’t worry. We have a solution for this. Our team is going to share with you 10 most common reasons why you aren’t losing weight even though you follow your plan. That being said, let’s take a closer look at these reasons and help you determine your problem.

Top Reasons Why You Are Still Not Losing Weight as You Have To:

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  1. You’re not eating enough protein

You probably know this, but consuming protein is the most crucial nutrient when it comes to weight loss. As a matter of fact, consuming protein at 20-30% of calories will increase your metabolism by 80-100 calories on daily basis. That will lead to consume hundreds of fewer calories each day. In addition, eating enough protein will significantly lower your cravings for snacks. Whenever you have breakfast, make sure to fill your plate with protein. According to many studies, those people who tend to eat high-protein breakfast are less hungry during the day. If you don’t know what to eat, check our article: 10 Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight and Stay on Track

  1. You aren’t getting enough sleep

You might find this surprising, but lack of sleep can help you in weight gain, if you are into it. According to a research, a woman who slept only 5 hours was more likely to gain weight than the other women who slept 8 hours. Many scientists say that if you don’t sleep enough will make you feel hungry, even when you are not. Not getting enough sleep will affect the production of coristol. That’s one of the hormones that regulate the appetite in our bodies. In addition, when you are tired you are more likely to skip workout which will result into burning fewer calories. This may be one of the reasons why you aren’t losing weight. After reading this, make sure to go to bed at a more reasonable hour to help promote weight loss.

  1. You aren’t consuming enough water

Many rules are dated about drinking water; however it’s crucial to remember to stay hydrated. Our bodies are 50 to 60% water and all processes such as from our hearth pumping to nutrients in order to reach our cells, need water to work normally. Moreover, aside from the fact that water helps the processes to function normally, drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight. That’s mainly because having enough water in our bodies helps our metabolism work at a higher rate. That will result in burning higher number of calories each day. So whether you working out or about to have lunch make sure you drink plenty of water.

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  1. You are eating too many calories

A very common problem when you stop losing weight is that you are consuming too much calories. This may not apply to you; however, note that a lot of studies consistently prove that people make mistakes when it comes to how much calories they’ve ingested. If you are one of those people whose weight loss stopped, consider this. You should weigh your foods and keep a correct track of your calories for a while and see if it makes a difference. There are thousands of calorie calculators that can help you figure out how many calories to consume. In addition, tracking is crucial if you are trying to achieve a certain nutrient goal. That could be aiming to get at least 30% of your calories from protein on daily basis.

You are eating too many calories - 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not Losing Weight As You Have To

  1. You are too stressed

Stress is currently number 1 reason when it comes to weight gain. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that being under constant stress can have many consequences. For instance:

  • Being under too much stress can boost the production of coristol. This hormone not only boosts your appetite, it can also create unwanted fat storage around the abs.
  • Junk food to make you feel better which are high in fat and sugar.
  • Stress can also make you skip your workouts simply because you are too stressed so you can’t workout.

Being under constant stress not only can make you gain weight, it can also be indicator for many health problems. Those who are most of the time stressed can get a heart disease, diabetes, depression etc.

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  1. You are binge eating

You probably are binge eating, even on healthy food. Binge eating is a very often side effect of dieting. When you are on a weight loss diet, don’t be too surprised if you start binge eating. What does that mean? Well, binge eating involves eating large amounts of food quickly. Most often that is way too much, more than your body needs. Even you are binge eating on healthy foods such as nuts, cheese, dark chocolate etc. the calories still count. According to many researches, a single binge is enough to crush one whole week of dieting. When you try to lose weight, make sure you control your eating, even on healthy food.

You are binge eating - 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not Losing Weight As You Have To

  1. You are not consistent with workout

When it comes to weight loss, working out is another crucial element. Along your healthy weight loss diet, working out is a must if you want to lose weight. Sometimes is hard to find out if you are doing the exercises correct or losing enough calories. Take a look at our best workouts when you want to lose weight. Read: The Best 10 Killer Workouts for Losing Weight Fast and Easy Without Pain. If your main goal is to lose weight, experts recommend 1 to 1.5 hours each day of working out. We know that might be difficult at the start, but you can start with 30 minutes to 1 hour then increase your workout time.

However, the time you spend exercising usually depends on what kind of exercises you are planning to do. For instance, if you are doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, you only need to work out 30 minutes per day. No matter what kind of exercises you are doing, you must be consistent. Aim to go at least 5 times weekly to the gym in order to see the results you are only wishing to see. Regular workout is a must when it comes to weight loss.

  1. Your expectations might be unrealistic

You should always keep in mind that weight loss is a really slow process. Most people give up too early because they find it too difficult to reach their ultimate goal. It is very common to lose weight fast when you start and a very small percent of people continue to lose at their start rate. If you are having problems losing weight like you were on the start, don’t panic. That’s completely normal. You must accept the fact that not everyone can look like a model or bodybuilder.

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In some cases people accept the fact that they can’t lose more weight and start working on their body the way it is. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight. You just need to make some adjustments to your current weight loss strategy. Or simply, make smaller more doable goals. For instance, if your goal was to lose 1-2 pound a week, make it 1-2 pound a month. As we said before, weight loss is a really slow process.

  1. You are drinking your calories

If you’ve stopped losing weight, maybe it’s time to keep track of your liquid intake. Very often, people consume sugary drinks and completely forget about it. As a matter of fact, even sweetened diet drinks have been proven to trigger sweet signals in our brains. What does that mean? Well, that will result into craving for food. In some cases alcohol can be the main problem why you aren’t losing weight. That’s because alcohol on average has a whopping 7 calories per gram. It’s recommended to swap all your drinks with water. Water helps promote weight loss in many ways.

  1. You are not eating whole foods

Consuming healthy foods can boost your wellbeing and help you regulate your appetite. Whole foods tend to make you feel fuller for longer period of time. Always keep in mind that most of the processed foods which are labeled as “healthy foods” aren’t really healthy. You should always aim to stich with whole, single ingredient foods as much as you can. Getting the essential vitamins during the day is crucial when it comes to weight loss. The minerals and fiber that’s found in whole foods will always make you fuller. Not only they help you with your weight loss plans, they also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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For all those people who struggle with losing weight after certain time, read this article before you give up. One of these excellent reasons can be your problem why you’ve stopped losing weight. Make sure to read, determine your problem and continue with your efforts.

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