Weight Loss Motivation: 9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight Loss Motivation: 9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

We all know that we’d be healthier if we are at a healthy weight, however having great weight loss motivation is all about keeping specific goals in your mind. Our team has gathered perfect reasons to look forward once you drop your additional pounds.

Weight Loss Motivation: 9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals:

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  1. You’ll reduce your risk of cancer

Being obese increases your risk of at least 6 types of cancer: breast, kidney, throat, bowel, pancreatic and uterine. As a matter a fact, according to Cancer Research UK, your risk of developing one of these cancers is approximately 40 percent higher than if you keep healthier weight. If you are looking for a reason to keep your motivation on the highest levels, here is a very good one.

  1. You’ll reduce your risk of diabetes

If you consume an unhealthy diet, and you are lucky, you just keep making insulin as you need it and you just keep gaining weight, according to Roxanne Sukol, MD, a specialist in Preventive Medicine. But when you can’t quite make enough insulin to catch all that sugar, then your sugars stay a little too high and a little too long, floating around in your blood stream waiting for more insulin. Finally, your body can’t make enough insulin which can lead to diabetes. However, if you start a healthier diet (unprocessed foods high in fiber) you will reduce your insulin load and your risk of getting diabetes. Also when you do, your pants will fit better too.

Weight Loss Motivation 9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

  1. You’ll boost fertility

Women with BMIs (body mass index) between 35 and 40 have a 23 to 43% decreased chance of getting pregnant compared to women whose BMI is 29, according to many researches. According to the research presented at the American Heart Association done in 2014, being overweight during pregnancy increases your risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia – and your kid’s risk of heart disease later in life. So our little tip for this would be: Don’t consider getting pregnant until you are at a healthy weight.

  1. You may live longer

Big group of scientists showed that being 80 pounds overweight can shorten your life for up to 10-plus years. So if you are looking for extra motivation to stay on the right track keep this in your mind. Also you should know that if you are 100 pounds overweight that results into 14-plus years. Read: Beginner’s Guide to Healthy & Fast Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight Fast

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  1. You’ll have a better quality of motivation

A healthy weight doesn’t just boost the amount of years you are on this planet – it makes you better able to enjoy them! Forty to fifty pounds of extra weight can rob you of two decades of healthy life. This means that two decades will be full of doctor’s appointments, living with pain, medical treatments and being out of breath – instead of, say, chasing your kinds outside.

Weight Loss Motivation 9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

  1. You’ll sleep better

According to a study published in the journal Sleep, weight loss reduced the seriousness of obstructive sleep apnea (a sleep disorder identified by the stopping and starting of breathing). Once you drop enough weight, you will notice changes in the ability to breath easier. So if you aren’t completely satisfied with your current sleep hours, losing weight in order to sleep properly can be one good reason to do it. Must read: 10 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea Extract and Why Is So Powerful

  1. You will be less likely to get inflammatory conditions

Belly fat is filled with cells that let out pro-inflammatory substances into your body. This means that your immune system is too busy to fight off other kinds of inflammation. This means that increases your risk of anything with an –itis (arthritis, colitis, dermatitis). If you are genetically exposed to these conditions, obesity puts you at higher risk, according to Pamela Peeke, MD. Lose weight and you will see many of the pains, rashes and other discomforts subside.

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  1. Your heart will be stronger

Extra fat around your heart or lining your blood vessels makes blood flow difficult and boosts your risk of a heart attack. Every 5 point increase in your BMI increases mortality from cardiovascular events and diseases 30%. However, as you lose weight, blood flow becomes easier, lowering your risk of heart disease.

Heart Healthy - Weight Loss Motivation 9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals Cover

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  1. One last thing

Just like you can’t spot-train, you can’t determine the specific health benefit your weight loss will give to you. Everything in the body is interconnected, so that means losing weight isn’t just going to help your heart, just your immune system, or just your brain. Your whole body is going to reap the rewards. So keep in mind these reasons in order to keep your motivation at your highest levels to reach your goals faster and easier!

Weight Loss Motivation: 9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

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