How to Reduce Buttocks for Female

How to Reduce Buttocks for Female

The internet is overflowing with health advice, and it can be difficult to find an exercise routine that fits your body goals. Want to know how to reduce buttocks for females? We’re here to simplify it for you.

In this article, we’ve mentioned a bunch of very effective exercises for females who want a slimmer butt. From resistance training to bodyweight training and even aerobic exercises, we’ve covered it all. Let’s shake up your workout routine!

How to Reduce Buttocks for Female

Lateral band walk

Lateral band walk is an easy workout for females who wish to have a sculpted backside. This exercise works to strengthen and stabilize the muscles in your knees, hips, and glutes. This can also be performed as a warm-up before a high-impact exercise like running or rope jumping.

You start by placing a resistance band around both knees. Then spread your legs so the band evenly spreads around your both legs. Put your hands forward, making a ball, and bend the knees in a squat posture. Take 4-7 steps in one direction and repeat the same in another direction. If you’re looking for answers to the question of how to lose bum and thigh fat fast, lateral band walk is the answer.

How to Reduce Buttocks for Female


This bodyweight resistance exercise is considered the best exercise to reduce hips and buttocks. That’s because not only is it fun to do, it is highly effective in firming up your leg and buttock muscles. It’s a low-impact exercise that’s easy to do for beginners.

To do side-stepping, you start by placing a small stepping stool on the floor and standing erect beside it. Now, make your hands into fists and put your right leg on the stool. Join your left leg along and put your right leg down. Repeat the same motion and increase your pace gradually to feel the burn in your buttock area. Remember to keep breathing throughout.


Wondering how to reduce buttocks for females with a good aerobic workout? Running is an excellent way to lose fat not only on your buttocks but your entire body. Along with fat-burning, running also tones your thighs and legs, so your lower limbs get a more defined shape.

Since it’s an aerobic exercise, it works your heart and lungs too, improving the function of these organs manifold. If you’re unable to run due to bad joints or other health reasons, you can also take up brisk walking. Walking is a good option for burning calories and can be done anytime throughout the day.

Stretched triangle posture

Would you like to include some stretching postures in your buttock-reducing workout routine? The stretched triangle posture affects the glute muscles and helps lose the chubbiness in your butt area. As a bonus, this posture helps tone your waistline, hamstring muscles, and armpit area as well.

To practice this posture, stand with both feet apart and toes facing opposite directions. Open both hands perpendicular to the shoulders and slowly bend towards your left side from the waist. Hold your left leg with your left hand; your right hand must face the ceiling while your right knee is kept straight.

Turn your face to the right side and feel the pressure building up in your calves, arms, and bum. Hold the posture for 10-15 seconds and repeat on the other side. Read: Most Effective Fat Burning Workouts You Can Do at Home

Stretched triangle posture - How to Reduce Buttocks for Female

Side-lying hip abduction

If you don’t want to put too much pressure on your leg joints but still want to exercise to reduce buttocks and thighs, side-lying hip abduction is your best bet. This exercise toughens up your booty and helps you shed pounds from your lower body without fatiguing your joints.

For this exercise, you should be lying down on one side while supporting your head with one arm or hand. Make sure your knees are straight and your feet are put together. Now, slowly raise the top leg as high as you can go without moving your pelvic area at all. Then lower this leg slowly and return to the starting position. Repeat 5-10 times on each side; increase the intensity by adding ankle weights if necessary.

Leg extension with a back kick

Thinking about how to get smaller buttocks fast while exercising at home? Leg extensions are great if you are aiming to lose some fat from your booty. This exercise targets your quadriceps and can be done anywhere without any special gym equipment.

Place a mat on the floor and start by getting down on your hands and knees. To make sure that your right knee doesn’t touch the ground, place a foam roller under your right foot. Now, lift your left leg and fold your knees slowly. Bring your left leg down parallel to the ground in a kicking motion. Keep your torso, hands, and head straight. Repeat 10-15 times with each leg.

Leg lift in donkey style

This pose with a funny name is all you need to get your largest glute muscles working. While shaping your bum, it also tightens your core and shoulder muscles because you need a lot of stability to perform it. So, you will also notice an improvement in your overall balance if you practice it regularly.

Get your yoga mat out and lie on it with your elbows and knees on the ground. Lift your body and bring your elbows, knees, and heels in a straight line. Now, lift your left leg and stretch it all you can while keeping the right knee fixated on the ground. Keep the left foot pointing to the roof and extend it up and down without moving any other part of your body. Repeat the same with another leg and you will soon feel your glutes getting worked up.

Leg lift in donkey style - How to Reduce Buttocks for Female


Do you want to reduce buttock fat to look slimmer or to improve your overall posture? Whatever the reason be, it’s an easily reachable goal provided you are doing the right type of exercises. Doing the wrong workouts not only takes you farther from your goal but can also be a cause of various injuries. If you’re searching for how to reduce buttocks for females, we have a list of the best workouts you can do to achieve that. Read up and embark on the journey of a firmer butt.