How to Lose Thigh Fat for Teenage Girl

How to Lose Thigh Fat for Teenage Girl

Teenage years are difficult for all girls around the world. In addition to all the things that teenagers today are already facing, nobody needs an additional factor. Excessive weight brings your self-confidence down and makes you unfit. To lose thigh fat for teenage girls is a difficult task but not an impossible one. It is time to take charge and fix the thing which has been causing you insecurity and discomfort. How to lose thigh fat for teenage girl? Let’s see.

Fighting Fat Thighs

Being fit and healthy at the prime of your age is necessary. Everyone should take the conscious decision of giving themselves a healthier and happier lifestyle. But following certain steps and a slight change in lifestyle can instantly help to lose thigh fat for teenage girls.

While working towards fat loss, it is important to set achievable expectations to keep the motivation going.

How to Lose Thigh Fat for Teenage Girl

  1. Air Cycling

This is an extremely effective exercise to lose thigh fat. You must lie on your back and lift your legs in a 90-degree position. Now move them in a forward cyclic motion for a minute, relax for 30 seconds and repeat this in a backward cyclic motion. Do three sets of five repetitions each every day.

  1. Lunges

Lunges are the perfect exercise to lose thigh fat. Doing at least ten repetitions of lunges on each leg can result in reducing thigh fat in 7 days.

To do lunges, stand straight with your feet apart. Put your right foot forward and bend your left knee towards the ground. Get up and repeat the same on your left leg. Repeat this on each leg ten times, three sets.

  1. Squat

Squats work like magic when it comes to tone your lower body. Do these when you have lost some accumulation from your fat thighs, to prevent bulking up. This is amazing to lose thigh fat for teenage girls.

Relax your shoulders and stand straight with your legs apart. Keeping your upper body straight, breathe in and lower yourself till you are in a sitting position. Hold for 5 seconds and come back up. Repeat this 10×3 times.

Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

  1. Create a calorie deficit

Reducing calorie intake in a consistent but healthy manner can result in visible changes in your body very soon. Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables in place of fatty food to reduce thigh fat for teenage girls quickly and healthily.

  1. Eat consistently

Do not make the mistake of going long hours without eating. Eat at regular intervals of three to four hours to keep the metabolism going. Not eating for a long time would result in your body storing fat rather than burning it.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking lots of water would help your body flush out excess salts and fluids and reduce bloating.

Fat thighs are stubborn, easy to put on but hard to shed. Studies have shown that females accumulate more fat on their thighs in comparison to men. There is no real answer to ‘how long does it take to lose thigh fat’ since all bodies and all lifestyles are different.

How to lose thigh fat for teenage girl? The only answer is consistency and patience. A generalized goal for one week can be set, stick to your diet and exercises to see some result and maintain your motivation to reduce thigh fat in 7 days.

Drink Water for Weight Loss - How to Lose Thigh Fat for Teenage Girl


In conclusion, reducing fat thighs for teenage girls is a process which demands consistent and informed efforts. Make sure you don’t fall prey to popular myths and misunderstandings and follow a healthy and effective method to tone those fat thighs.

The task is to keep yourself motivated until you start seeing results. Remember, regular exercise, proper diet and a slight change in your lifestyle can take you a long way.