How to Get Smaller Calves

How to Get Smaller Calves

While some women enjoy appearing big and muscular, others aim to lean their bodies and work out to build their summer bodies. Many women face insecurities with the stubborn belly fat or hip accumulations and the tiny part behind their legs that get in the focus, the calves.

Having muscular calves might be great, but it might often appear big and inappropriate for body proportions. It is possible for the fat to accumulate in the calves, too. Sometimes it might be stubborn fat, while other times, it might be genetics.

However, practicing a proper diet might help you burn the overall body fat, plus lean your legs and calves. You should not skip the physical activity because it might be the most essential and determining fact why you have big appearing calves.

Let us discuss why your calves are looking bigger and how to get smaller calves by following our tips and exercises.

How to Get Smaller Calves

What Determines the Size of Your Calves?

Everyone has different genetics and lifestyle. It is okay to face some issues with disproportionate body parts because no one is perfect. You can make your body look better by following adequate exercises and diets.

Having calves bigger than average might be a result of consuming too much salt (which keeps fluids in your body and makes you look bloated), having accumulated fat, or doing wrong or heavy lifting exercises.

So, there are three factors that might contribute to bigger appearing calves.


Look at your parents and siblings. Determine if someone in your family has the same genetics as having big calves.

Having genetically big calves might result from having a short Achilles tendon. This tendon attaches the back of your heel to the calf muscle, making your calf muscle appear shorter and bigger. Having a shorter Achilles tendon extends your calf muscle lower so it can meet the heel.

On the other hand, having a long Achilles tendon allows your calf muscle to stay higher on the leg because the tendon length can reach the leg higher.

Having a short tendon is impossible to change.

Stubborn fat

Our body stores fat everywhere. It is impossible to control the body where to store fat and what parts to avoid, so if your calves are big because of your fat accumulations, you can easily get them in better shape.

Losing the fat on your calves goes the same as on other body parts. While our body stores fat everywhere, losing weight eliminates fat from everywhere. It is impossible to focus on only one part of losing weight.

Most of us know that losing accumulated leg fat is the hardest thing to do. So, you know what we mean. Losing the calf’s stubborn fat might take more time to see the results. Related: 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not Losing Weight As You Have To

Bulked muscle

If you practice working out with high effort and weights, the chances of getting big calves are pretty much possible. But this is not that bad because it is always better to have muscular calves than fat ones.

You can make your calves look smaller if you stop doing some heavy workouts that affect your calf muscles (Gastrocnemius and Soleus). Avoid exercises focused on your calves or do them with the lowest effort.

Also, avoid using cardio machines that require climbing, like step machines and stair-climbing machines. Also, avoid running on a treadmill at a high incline level. Hills and climbs concentrate the effort on your calves and might make them bigger.

How to Get Smaller Calves: Tips and Exercises

Practice diet and more cardio to lose the stubborn fat on the calves

If your calves are big because of stubborn fat, you can get rid of them in a few weeks if you start eating low-calorie meals today. Our body can make a huge change in 3 or 4 months if we are well disciplined and willful to lose the accumulated fat on the body.

Make yourself a meal plan including all macronutrients essential for a proper body and put the focus on fruits and vegetables. Losing fat is much easier than bulking muscle, so you can make your calves smaller faster if they are big because of stubborn fat. Must Read: Tips on How to Enjoy a Healthy Diet and Lose Fat Faster

Practice more cardio and HIIT workouts

Try avoiding heavy weights and exercises that affect your calf muscles. Also, practice doing more cardio and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It will help you lose weight and tone your legs, including your calves.

During HIITs, you should keep your heart rate up to 80%-95%. Keeping this heart rate level from10 seconds to 3 minutes might help you get the best out of HIIT workouts.

Exercise outside the gym

If you wonder how to get smaller calves but you are not a gym lover, we will help you out. You can practice walking or jogging in nature. Any physical activity might be good for keeping your body in shape.

If the weather is not that good for going outside, you can open Youtube and choose dancing cardio training or Zumba training. Dancing is also an excellent way to lose fat, especially on the legs.

How to Get Smaller Calves

Bonus Exercises for Smaller Calves

Standing rise

Stand on the floor or something a few inches higher than the floor (stair). Width your legs parallel to your shoulders and raise your feet higher than you can. You can also add weights.

Raise your feet and lower your heels in intervals of a few seconds. Repeat this exercise as desired.

Jumping rope

Get a jumping rope and give your body an excellent cardio workout. Use jumping techniques, like scissors, twists, skiers, and boxer skips. Do the jumping for 15 minutes and enjoy the sweat.

Plyo lunges

This exercise can affect many leg muscles, including the calves. This exercise requires jumping by raising your left knee and the opposite (right) hand in a post when your elbow and knee get closer. Also, switch the legs when jumping.


You can lean your calves and get in shape, whether you practice at home or do gym workouts. Lower the effort on your calves and do more cardio.

Cardio and HIIT workouts are best for firming calves and losing weight on the whole body. Set yourself a goal and feel proud of yourself after a few weeks.

You can do it!