How to Get Rid of Hip Dips

How to Get Rid of Hip Dips

When we talk about the body areas about which people are obsessed about these days and the internet is flooded with queries about, it’s hip dips! Also called the Violin Hips, they may be prominent, or they may be tenuous. If you think they are something to be worried about, then this is the perfect place to find out. If you have been surfing the internet about the same, you are not the only one. So, without any further ado, let’s learn about how to get rid of hip dips.

What Are Hip Dips

Before moving on to know how you can get rid of those hip dips, you first need to check a bit about what these regions are and what causes them. If you already know, then let me tell you more about it. These occur just under the hip bone.

They are the ingoing depressions on the side of our body. Rather than the outermost edges of our hips followed by the curves, as if they were made by tracing a protractor, they have depressions that may be prominent or negligible. Our body structure has them naturally.

How to Get Rid of Hip Dips

Causes of Hip Dips

When our skin is hitched up to the profound part of our thigh bone(Trochanter), hip dips occur. These depressions are more observable in some people. Their formation depends on the quantity and placement of fat and muscles in our body. They become less visible and are subject to the diameter of our hips.

Are Hip Dips Attractive?

There is a misunderstanding out there that says that having hips dips or no hip dips is a sign of a healthy body but they are completely natural and depend on the shape of our bone which cannot be altered.

Liking or disliking them varies from person to person. Honestly, nobody cares about it that much. Even celebrities with hip dips like Kendall Jenner show them off proudly. Nobody will reject you based on the availability or lack of hip dips. Whether you like them or not also depends completely on you. But if you don’t like them, keep reading! Read more: How to Get Hips and Curves

How to Get Rid of Hip Dips

Finally, the wait is over. Exercising with focus and dedication for 5-6 times a week can help you minimize the visible depression of hip dips. It will help you burn the fat and build muscles in that area.

Start exercising with a smaller number of sets initially and then gradually increase the number of sets day by day. These are home-friendly exercises. These exercises will help you build the muscles of your hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Following are some exercises to get rid of hip fat.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hinge at the knees to come into a squat position–making sure your knees track over your toes. Push back up to a standing position with the weight on your heels and then squeeze your glutes at the top.

Squats - How to Get Rid of Hip Dips

Glute Bridges

Squeeze the glutes and abdominal muscles. Then lift your hips off the ground until knees. Make sure that your hips and shoulders are in a straight line. Hold this position for 3-4 seconds and then repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.

Side Hip Openers

This exercise targets your outer thighs, hips, and side buttocks. Keep your body weight proportionately scattered between your hands and your knees. You can also use a dumbbell behind the knee to increase the difficulty and results of this exercise.


On an all-fours tabletop position, keep your legs at 90 degrees and make sure that your back is straight. Raise one leg until it aligns with your hip. Keep in mind that the leg should be raised with the knee and the foot in the same line. Repeat this on both legs.

Standing side-to-side Squats

This exercise works on the side of your legs, hips, and buttocks. This exercise can also be done with ankle weights on.

Starting in a standing position, keep your feet close together and then come down into a squat position. Then move your right foot to the right and bring your left foot to meet your right foot.

Moving on, extend your left foot to the left and then bring your right foot over to meet your left foot. Repeat this exercise 10 times on both sides.

Standing Kickback Lunges

This exercise improves the stability and balance of your body. Keep your front leg and foot occupied.

In a standing position and in a prayer pose, keep your hands in front of your chest. Raise your right knee while inhaling.

Raise your arms with your palms facing each other while exhaling and stepping your right leg back. Drop your right knee lower into a lunge.

Keep your toes facing forward and try to stay on the ball of your back foot and then inhale to raise your right knee back up to your chest, followed by returning your hand to the prayer pose. Repeat this at least 12 times on both legs.

Standing Kickback Lunges - How to Get Rid of Hip Dips

Exercising Is Not Enough

Getting rid of hip dips does not only include exercises, but there is more to it. Life routines before and after hip dips are completely different. You must try to take the important steps to make your lifestyle healthy. Eating well and exercising daily will keep you happier. Taking a high-calorie diet and increasing water intake is also important.

Increased carbohydrates will give you more energy. Lean protein will help you build muscles. Healthy food habits by making smart food choices and avoiding processed junk food, alcohol, and sugar will surely help you maintain your body shape. Exercising other parts of your body and various cardio workouts should also be part of your routine.

Hip Dips vs. Love Handles

People often confuse hips dips with love handles, however, it is important to know the difference between the two and the different sets of exercises that  are required to get rid of them. As opposed to hip dips, love handles can be recognized as that part of the skin that becomes loose around both the hips and abdominal region.

Love Handles - How to Get Rid of Hip Dips

Causes of Love Handles

Technically, a calorie surplus is a situation that arises when the amount of calorie intake is more than the amount which is burned in a day.

On the contrary, a calorie deficit is when the number of calories consumed is less than the calories burned. It is always advisable to maintain a balance between the two situations. The excess calories causes fat retention and lead to love handles. Other causes include hormonal imbalance, lack of exercise, etc.

How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Hip Dips

Not asking a lot, but exercising for about 20-40 minutes at least 4-5 times a week will help you tone your muscles in your hips and thighs. Changes will be visible in around 5-6 weeks, but strictly following the exercise routine and maintaining a balanced diet is beneficial.


It is important to stay healthy and fit. But, this does not imply that we are supposed to live by some abstract or perfect standard of beauty. Having hip dips is normal and perfectly okay. Confidence and comfort are all that matters. It’s high time that we love our body the way it is and acknowledge every bit of it, not as a sheer imperfection.