How to Get a Firm Bum in 2 Weeks

How to Get a Firm Bum in 2 Weeks

There’s no harm in wanting your butt to look good. Whether you want to rock your new pair of jeans a little better or you want to improve your posture with a firmer lower body, toned buttocks have many benefits. Wondering how to get a firm bum in 2 weeks without losing your mind? Ready to kick your rear into gear but don’t know where to start from? This article has all the answers you need. From the exercises you should be doing to the food you should be eating, we have it all covered. Let’s check it out!

Exercises for a Firmer Butt

Deep squats

Do you know what’s better than squats? Deep squats! Wondering how to lift your buttocks in a week? It can be done by achieving maximum glute activation, which occurs when you do squats with only your bodyweight. The deeper you squat, the better your flexibility becomes and you also end up losing weight from that area.

Aim to go as low as you can while keeping a straight back. Make sure your stance is a little wider than your shoulder width. Holding your palms together in front of your chest ensures that your upper back doesn’t get rounded. Try to increase the difficulty of this exercise gradually by holding a dumbbell in front of your chest.

How to Get a Firm Bum in 2 Weeks

Glute bridges

Have you been surfing the internet so you can find out how to get a firm bum in 2 weeks? Well, your search ends here. Here’s an exercise that hits the glutes hard and gives you a great shape if done regularly. To do this, you have to lie down on your back with your feet on the ground and knees pointed upwards. Then raise your buttocks off the floor leaving your feet, back, shoulders, and head still planted to the floor.

For the best effect, make sure you’re pushing the hips as high as possible while squeezing your glutes. Once you become comfortable with this exercise, you can increase the intensity by putting some weight on your lower abs like a dumbbell or a water bottle.

Banded side step

This exercise tops our list of the best hip and thigh exercises. The banded side step exercise not only targets your glutes but also your hip muscles. For this, you start by standing you’re your feet shoulder-width apart and placing a resistance band below your knees. Now bend your knees about a quarter of the way and step to the right with your right foot. Then return to the center and repeat on each side.

As you feel the exercise getting easier for you, gradually move the band down lower towards your ankles. Doing this will increase the tension in the band and in your muscles as well. If you’re a pro and looking for a deeper burn then you can club this exercise with another lower body exercise like lunges or squats.

Single-leg deadlift

What exercise lifts your buttocks and challenges your balance in the most efficient way? It’s the single-leg deadlift. This exercise is for intermediate to advanced fitness folks who are looking to get their glutes working. Doing single-leg deadlifts also improves your core stability and overall balance.

You start by holding a dumbbell in each hand and placing your hands in front of your thighs. Put your weight on your right side by slightly bending the knee and engage your core muscles. Now move by hinging on your right hip and allow the weights to drop down in front of you. Your palms should face each other and your torso will lower toward the ground as your left leg goes back.

Try making your left leg parallel to the floor. Slowly come back to the starting position and repeat the same with each leg. Read more: What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat

Single-leg deadlift - How to Get a Firm Bum in 2 Weeks

Flutter kicks

Are you planning on achieving some weight loss along with firmer buttocks? Flutter kicks can help you shed some pounds since this exercise targets the two major body parts – abs and glutes. The stretch that flutter kicking creates in the lower body might cause some soreness if you’re a beginner. But it is sure to pay off with a round and firm butt in no time.

You start by lying flat on your back and raising your legs off the ground at about 45 degrees. Now, push one leg up as you lower the other one down. Perform this movement by alternating the legs for as long as you can comfortably.

Foods for Bigger Glutes


Wondering how to get a firm bum in 2 weeks by eating the right type of foods? Here’s an excellent source of protein to include in your everyday diet. Quinoa has 8 grams of protein per dry serving and packs all 9 essential amino acids. It’s also high in complex carbs and works as a great fuel before workouts.


Don’t be afraid of all the fats that avocado has. In addition to super healthy fats, it also has protein and fiber. That’s why it keeps you satiated for long and is great for when you’re trying to lose weight. It has also been known to reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and inflammation, so you speed up your post-workout recovery.

Avocado - How to Get a Firm Bum in 2 Weeks

Nut butter

Looking to replace your sugary chocolate syrup with something healthier and just as delicious? Nut butter from cashews, peanuts, and almonds can be your new friend. These kinds of butter contain a hearty dose of healthy fats and various essential nutrients like vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium. If included as a post-workout snack, nut butter can gradually improve your exercise performance.

Chicken breast

Looking for answers to how to lift lower buttocks without giving up on your favorite meat? The good news is that chicken breast is the best source of lean protein. With 24 grams of protein per serving, eating chicken breast promote energy production and improves your gym sessions. It is also brimming with B vitamins so you can build that lean body mass without losing vigor.


We should love our body as it is, but who says you can’t strive to improve it every so often? If your bum is not as big as you’d like, there are various exercises that you can do to bring it up to the mark. And we all know fitness is as much about exercise as it’s about food. So, read up on our guide that includes all the necessary information that you might need to firm up that butt. And get working!