Home Remedies for Bigger Hips and Buttocks

Home Remedies for Bigger Hips and Buttocks

Not all women are born with a naturally plump bum. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to have big and well-shaped buttocks and hips. However, while regular exercise is a great way to achieve your body goals, there are various home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks that you can use to speed up the process. In this article, we’ve covered a few of the most effective home remedies for a big and sculpted bottom. Let’s dive in!

Home Remedies for Bigger Hips and Buttocks

Hot oil massage

The physical benefits of hot oil massages are hidden from no one. While massage is popularly considered part of a relaxation routine, it is also a potent way to build muscles. Regularly massaging your hips and buttocks with hot oils improves blood circulation, which, in turn, increases their size. You can use various oils like olive oil, mustard oil, and coconut oil for bigger hips.

To get the best results, start by mixing olive oil, mustard oil, and coconut oil in equal quantities. Heat this mixture lightly in a pan and massage it on your hips for at least 15-25 minutes. Heating the oil helps it penetrate the skin easily. Follow the massage with a hot water compress for a few minutes and wash with warm water.

Home Remedies for Bigger Hips and Buttocks

Epsom salt bath

This is one of the most effective home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks that helps you get rid of the cellulite on your hips. While you’re aiming for a firmer butt, you don’t want it to be full of stretch marks and dull skin. Epsom salts contain sulfate and magnesium, both of which regulate your metabolism and muscle function. Bathing in Epsom salts allows for direct absorption of these compounds into your skin making your muscles look healthy.

If you’re struggling with fluid retention in your bottoms, Epsom salt baths will help eliminate that excess water. Try adding 2-3 cups of Epsom salts next time you draw a bath and you’ll feel more energetic and less stressed by the time you’re done bathing. After patting your hips dry, you can rub on some shea butter for buttocks enlargement. Read: How to Get Rid of Fat Cells Naturally

DIY banana mixes

Bananas are a godsend for nourishing your body in multiple ways. You can make various butt creams at home using bananas and a few other easily available ingredients. A mixture of banana and Vaseline for bigger buttocks has been a popular one. You can make this by mixing banana mash with drugstore Vaseline. Rubbing this mix on your butt every night before sleeping will improve the definition of your glutes.

Another DIY mix used to attain bigger hips and booty is that of banana and yogurt. Make a banana mash until it turns into a soft puree and add yogurt to it. Create a paste-like consistency so you can thoroughly massage it on your bum. Leave it there for 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Repeat at least 3 times a week to see amazing results.

Coffee scrub - Home Remedies for Bigger Hips and Buttocks

Coffee scrub

Looking for easy home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks that you can incorporate into your busy schedule? Scrubbing your skin the right way works to stimulate your muscles and open up the blood vessels. A coffee scrub is one of the easiest ways to help your booty become bigger without putting in much effort.

You can make a fantastic scrub by mixing 1-2 tbsp of ground coffee with roughly grounded shells of 1-2 walnuts. Pour in a tsp of honey and mix all the three ingredients to make a paste. Now scrub your hips and bum with this mixture for 5 minutes, leave for around 10 minutes, and scrub again for 5 minutes. Let it dry before you finally wash it off with lukewarm water. Try doing it twice daily for at least a month to see results.

Foods for Bigger Buttocks

Dried fruits and nuts

Dried fruits and nuts have a bad rep for being too high in calories. But it’s important to understand that these are healthy calories which your body needs to build your glutes. Wondering how to get big hips if you’re skinny? You can include dried fruits like raisins, prunes, dates, and figs in your diet. Or simply start adding some almonds, walnuts, or cashews to your breakfast smoothies for a dose of healthy fats.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is an excellent guilty pleasure food that you can indulge in while keeping your grocery bills in check. It’s not overly expensive like your usual nut butter and is a source of good fats and protein. Thinking about how to make your buttocks bigger fast at home while eating delicious food? Try adding a serving or two of peanut butter to your morning toast to gain some muscle in your butt.

Peanut butter - Home Remedies for Bigger Hips and Buttocks

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a starchy vegetable, but it’s nothing like your regular potato. While you might be cutting carbs from your diet, you can swap your white rice and potato with sweet potato. This vegetable contains phytoestrogen, which is the plant analogous to estrogen, the female hormone. Estrogen plays the role of deposition of fat in the butt in females, so adding sweet potato to your meals can be quite beneficial for your booty goals.


If you’re not a fan of poultry but would like to get some protein in, fish is your best bet. It also works great if you are a transitioning vegetarian. Fish is a fantastic food to grow your butt because it has plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. This heart-healthy option will up your calories without making you fat in the wrong places.

Fish - Home Remedies for Bigger Hips and Buttocks


Everyone deserves to have a body that they can carry confidently. If you believe bigger hips and buttocks will make you more confident in your own skin then be it. Having an hourglass figure is most women’s dream. And while it seems super tough to achieve, it’s quite doable if you have the right roadmap. Our compact guide is all about helping you get there with the least amount of effort. So, read up on it and let’s get that booty right.