Eat High-Protein Breakfast to Maintain Fast Weight Loss

Eat High-Protein Breakfast to Maintain Fast Weight Loss

If you are on a weight loss diet than including foods that contain high amount of protein is a must to your breakfast. Especially if you are looking to lose weight fast, protein is a key nutrient for weight loss. In fact, after many researches and studies adding protein to your diet is the most effective and also lets not forget the easiest way to lose weight! Many of the researches have shown that protein will suppress your appetite and will keep you from overeating. This being said you should start your day with high-protein breakfast if you are looking to lose some weight!

Should you have breakfast?

You probably know that in the past breakfast was avoided if you were on a weight loss diet. However in this time we have a very convincing studies that has proven whether you had breakfast or not, it has no effect on weight gain or loss. You should keep in mind that having breakfast is a good idea for other reasons. It may improve mental performance in teenagers, certain patient groups or school children. Also all of this may depend on the quality of the breakfast. Even some breakfast like high-sugar breakfast cereal has no effect, different breakfast that contains high amount of protein should have different effects.

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How protein helps you on losing weight?

We know that you want the answer of this question since you read the topic of the article. Lets keep in mind that protein is the most important nutrient for weight loss. Why is that you ask yourself? Well this is because our bodies use more calories to satisfy the need of protein, compared to fat of carbs. You probably know that protein will keep you full longer.

One study in women showed that if you increase protein intake from 15 to 30% will help them eat 446 fewer calories per day. Also they lost 11 pounds in just 11 weeks. Another study has shown that by increasing protein intake to 25% of total calories will lower lat-night snack by half and thoughts about food by 60%!

There was one other study that included two groups of women who were put on weight loss diet for 10 weeks. The two groups consumed the same amount of calories, however it had different amounts of protein. All women who participated in this study lost weight, but the-high protein group lost about 1.1 pounds more and larger percentage of body fat.

You should know that protein will help you maintain weight loss in long term. A proven research has shown that increasing protein intake from 15 to 19% of calories made dieters regain 50% less weight!

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High-Protein breakfast will help you feel fuller and maintain weight loss

Having high protein breakfast will help you to achieve faster weight loss. Many studies are testing how high amount of protein at breakfast influences your eating behavior. Some of them have proven that having high-protein breakfasts will reduce your hunger and will help you to eat around 139 fewer calories later in the day. MRI scans have proven that having breakfast that is high in protein lowers the signals in the brain that manage food motivation. Proteins also make sure to help you feel fuller so you could eat less during the day. This results into activating the body signals which will reduce cravings and overeating.

Several researches have now proven that eating a breakfast that contains high amount of protein changes hormones through the day! So you should now know that having high-protein breakfast will reduce calorie intake later in day. They will also improve the levels of your appetite-regulating hormones which lead to reduced hunger and cravings.

High Protein Breakfast Weight Loss Diet

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How protein at breakfast will help you lose weight and burn belly fat

High amount of protein at breakfast will reduce your appetite and cravings. They will also help you lose belly fat. Dietary protein has huge relation to belly fat, meaning the more high-quality protein you consume, the less belly fat you have! In one study which all candidates were teens, proved that by exchanging grain-based breakfast with and egg-based meal resulted to remarkably more weight loss over 3 months! The higher-protein group lost over 3.7% of their body weight about 5.2 pounds, while the lower-protein group lost only 0.3%, about 0.2 pounds.

In another study, which people who were on a weight loss diet received either a bagel breakfast or an egg breakfast with the same amount of calories. After 8 weeks of this diet, those who were eating the egg breakfast had a 64% higher reduction in BMI (Body Mass Index), 64% more weight loss and a 36% greater reduction in waist measurements.

Which High-Protein foods you should include in your breakfast?

This being said there is only one question in your mind and that probably is which foods you should include in your breakfast that contains high amount of protein. Well there is one short answer for that and that is, eggs! You should include eggs to your breakfast more often because they are extremely nutritious and very high in protein! Just by replacing eggs with grain-based breakfast has been proven that will help you to eat fewer calories for the next 36 hours and lose weight and belly fat.

There are more foods that are also a great source of protein to include for breakfast like fish, meat, and seafood. Here are some examples that contain high amount of protein that you can include them to your breakfast:

  • One scoop of whey protein, frozen berries, a banana and almond milk. Make one shake!
  • Make scrambled eggs with veggies, fried in olive oil.
  • Greek yogurt with seeds, berries and wheat germ.
  • Make an omelette with spinach and cottage cheese.
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Greek yogurt with seeds berries and wheat germ

Many people are better of having breakfast rather than skip it in order to save calories. If you are one of those people who want to have breakfast, if you are on a weight loss diet make sure that your breakfast has high amount of protein.

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