5 Eating Habits That Make You Hungry Even After a Meal

5 Eating Habits That Make You Hungry Even After a Meal

After having a delicious salad at lunch or you’ve enjoyed a wholesome dinner with your family or friends, you just feel that hunger in your stomach that won’t leave. Your brain is sensing that you haven’t consumed enough food to make your self feel satisfied and you end up consuming food again or treat yourself with dessert. The real truth is, your brain is lying to you because often after eating doesn’t mean you need more food to feel satisfied.

You are probably experiencing to some small strong behaviors that seek rebound hunger, which will drastically add inches to your waistline. Some foods might contain high amount of calories, but their high glycemic index trigger surges into your insulin levels, which will make you not to feel the fullness hormone.

Well this sense of dissatisfaction will make you to get some more food and start eating. We have a solution for all of this and we present you 5 Eating Habits That Make You Hungry Even after a Meal. Being able to control these behaviors will help you improve your lifestyle and will help you to feel fully after your meals.

  1. You skipped breakfast

It is really important to never miss your breakfast which you must have it in your weight loss diet. Many researches have proven that breakfast tends to be the most important meal of the day. Having breakfast helps you to stabilize your blood sugar and insulin. This would result into fewer food cravings and pushing away the feeling of being hungry, also it will make you have longer feelings of satisfaction. According to many studies, people who have regular breakfast end up consuming fewer calories through the day. And for last, you should know that having breakfast will give your metabolism a huge boost and have you burning calories at a faster rate.

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  1.  You ate from a can

Don’t act surprised if you start feeling hunger after you’ve had dinner from a can. In order to preserve freshness many canned foods are high in BPA (Bisphenol-A) which cause dramatic changes in leptin levels, the satiety hormone which will activate your hunger and you will end up reaching for carb rich foods.

 Eating From a Can - Weight Loss Diet

  1. You’re sleep deprived

We’ve all had those nights pulling an all nighter because of stress and anxiety, partying until dawn or getting prepared for your exam tomorrow. It’s not that important why you are staying up all night, what is really important is that you need to know that sleepless nights will cause big changes in your appetite which will affect your weight. Sleep deprivation increases your levels of grehlin, a hormone that is responsible for your appetite and that will make you eat more which is opposite thing from your weight loss diet. According to many studies you will feel craving for foods that are packed with carbs and contain high amount of calories. Read also: 32 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast | Must Have Them in Your Diet

Sleep Deprived - Weight Loss Diet

  1. Water

Often people feel hungry after emptying their plate because they don’t drink enough water. Our brain works at a strange way that often you can confuse thirst for hunger. Many researches have proven that hunger symptoms imitate dehydration symptoms and before you know it these mixed signals will help you to treat yourself with extra portions at dinner. The calorie-free, high volume drink takes up room in your belly, which will make you feel fuller and will keep your energy levels up. So next time before you ask yourself if you are still hungry, have a full glass of water to maintain proper weight loss diet.

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  1. You consumed too much sugar

You’ve had a can of soda earlier in the day? Sweetened beverages and snacks, such as iced teas, soda, and numerous store-bought snack bars usually contain high amount of calories and other processed sugars that take a toll on your appetite. According to many researches, these sweeteners lessen brain activity in regions that manage your appetite. Without sharp senses in these areas, your brain is experiencing fewer signals that show satiety. All of this will lead into triggering cravings, which will trick your brain into thinking that you are hungry. So be kind and stay away from the sweeteners.

Too Much Sugar - Weight Loss Diet

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