10 Daily Rules for Faster Weight Loss and Easier Hunger Control

10 Daily Rules for Faster Weight Loss and Easier Hunger Control

These days there are many ways for fast weight loss. Most of them will make you unsatisfied and of course, hungry. Whenever you decide to go for a weight loss diet it’s crucial to remember that you are not fat, you just have fat. If you don’t start with a strong willpower, the hunger will make you to give up on your plans quickly. In order to prevent that you need to pay attention to some rules that will help you stay on the right track and lose weight in a natural and healthy way.

The rules we are about to present for fast weight loss will help you lower your appetite significantly, help you lose weight faster without hunger and improve your metabolic health while doing it. That being said, let’s take a closer look at these 10 daily rules to help you lose weight fast.

Daily Rules for Faster Weight Loss and Easier Hunger Control:

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  1. It’s a Lifestyle

According to many researches, thinking of a diet as something you are constantly on and suffering through only for the shorty term doesn’t work. In order to lose weight and make sure you keep it off, you need to make changes in the way you eat. From time to time it’s OK to give yourself some rest, however that doesn’t mean if you decide to cut calories temporarily and when on rest revert to your old way of eating. That will only make you gain a lot of additional weight. Studies show that one of the best predictors of long term weight loss is how much weight you lose in the first month.

  1. Cut back Sugar and Starches

Each day you need to remember yourself why you are doing it. A very important role when you try to lose weight is to cut back on carbs. We know it can be difficult to drop carbs right away, but you don’t need to do that right away. You can start by consuming fewer and fewer each day. When you do that, your levels of hunger will start to go down which will cause you to consume fewer calories. That will make your body to burn the stored fat instead carbs for energy. In addition, a great benefit of cutting carbs is that will lower your insulin levels. That will make your kidneys to lose the extra sodium and water in your body. This lowers bloat and unwanted water weight.

Cut back Sugar and Starches - 10 Daily Rules for Faster Weight Loss and Easier Hunger Control

  1. Fiber

Make sure to consume at least 20grams of fiber each day from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fiber will help your body in the way of keeping you fuller for a longer time. Fiber is one of the most helpful when it comes to fast weight loss. A study showed that women, who consumed more fiber on daily basis, drastically reduced their risk of gaining unwanted weight. Each gram of fiber you consume links to ½ pound less body weight. According to many researches, the higher intake of fiber on daily basis leads to a reduction in total calories over time.

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  1. Workout

Exercising is another crucial part of weight loss. Exercising burns fat and calories. In addition, it boosts your metabolism by building muscle mass. For those people who try to lose weight it’s very important to keep in mind how much calories they are ingesting and not just how much calories they burn. Unluckily for all of us, our systems are “programmed” to hold on to extra pounds. What does that mean? Well, that means each time you start working out, your body senses the deficit and gives your brain a hunger-signal. Read: The Best 10 Killer Workouts for Losing Weight Fast and Easy Without Pain

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s important to keep track of how much calories you get on daily basis. By doing that, you know how much calories you need to burn. For a fast weight loss you need to include exercising to your diet plan at least 5 times a week.

  1. Protein, Fat and Vegetables

When you are on a weight loss diet, it’s crucial that your meals should include protein source, fat source and low carb veggies. By following this way, your meals will bring your carb intake in the recommended range.

Protein, Fat and Vegetables - 10 Daily Rules for Faster Weight Loss and Easier Hunger Control

  • Protein

If you are looking for protein sources you can use beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and salmon. Of course you should forget eggs because whole eggs with the yolk are simply the greatest source of protein. There are diets that are mostly focused on high protein intake that reduces your cravings and thoughts about food. In addition, protein makes you feel full that will lead into 440 fewer calories each day. That’s simply just by adding protein to your diet.

  • Low Carb Vegetables

For sources of low-carb vegetables you can use cauliflower, spinach, kale, broccoli and tomatoes. You can load up your plate with these low carb vegetables as much as you want. That means you can consume too much of these and you still won’t be going over 20-50 net carbs each day.

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  • Fat Sources

Olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and butter are one of the healthy fats you can consume. You can eat two to three meals each day. However, don’t be afraid to add an extra meal if you find yourself hungry. Keep in mind not to go “rampage” on these even though they are healthy.

  1. Calcium and Vitamin D

Make sure to include D vitamin and calcium foods each day. Both nutrients very often show together in dairy. These 2 nutrients tend to work together as partners in your organism mainly to give more strength to your bones. However, lately there have been a lot of studies showing that these nutrients may help build muscle in your weight loss diet. Make sure to include this when aiming for a fast weight loss. You should know that dairy foods such as butter, cheese, milk are the main source of these two nutrients. In one study, college students that met the three-a-day dairy need while consuming a healthy diet gained less, lost belly fat and weighed less. Moreover, the vitamin D plays a part in weight control because extra fat in your body holds on to it so that the body cant’ use it.

Calcium and Vitamin D - 10 Daily Rules for Faster Weight Loss and Easier Hunger Control

  1. Mild Hunger

It’s very common for some women having a hard time to lose weight because of hunger anxiety. Their mind is focused on –“being hungry is bad and should be avoided at all costs”. Hunger anxiety is one of the biggest risks that lead in obesity. Many other people eat simply because they are stressed about something or bored. You should try and postpone eating until your stomach is growling and you find it too hard to focus on your work.

Every time you feel the need to eat ask yourself, am I really hungry? Am I angry about something? Or simply, am I bored that much I need to eat? Moreover, if these questions don’t help you decide if you are really hungry, try the apple test. Whenever you are truly hungry an apple should seem delicious. Make sure to include this method on daily basis if you are aiming for fast weight loss.

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  1. Water

This may seem weird, but according to many studies, water helps your weight loss efforts in 2 ways. The first is if you drink more water, let’s say 4 cups a day you might end up losing 5 pounds within the range of one year. This level of water boosts your energy and calories you tend to burn, according to the scientists. The second and a big one is swapping water for beverages such as sodas, flavored drinks and coffees will result losing even more weight. We can’t tell you a number of kilograms you will lose if you swap every drink with water because that depends on how many sugary beverages you consumed before you change them to water. That’s for you to find out. Make sure to change all your sugary drinks on daily basis with water to achieve your weight loss goals faster than ever.

  1. How to Eat

How you consume your food is almost as important as what you consume. Well, in order your brain to register that you are full; you need to pay attention on what you are consuming. Physical satiety is closely related to psychological satisfaction. Most people say it’s hard for them to lose weight because they just simply enjoy eating.

However, they never focus on their food. What are we getting at? You probably eat your food while watching TV, driving or sometimes, working. And it’s no surprise that when you are distracted while eating you end up consuming a lot of extra calories per day. Try sitting at a table and turn off the TV or your phone. Make sure to eat slowly because our brains register we are full after 20 minutes. So take your time and eat it slowly which will help you notice when you are really done. Including this in each day will surly help you lose weight easy and achieve a fast weight loss.

  1. Green Tea

Another way of proven weight loss result is green tea. Make sure to include green tea every day. Catechins that are antioxidants which are found in high levels in green tea have been proven to help your weight loss diet, especially when it comes to losing belly fat. In some cases, caffeine might be a problem so opt in for a decaf tea. Keep in mind that some decaffeination processes can reduce the antioxidants in the tea so you might want to include an extra 2 cups per day. In one study candidates were divided in 2 groups. The first group who consumed 3 cups of tea on daily basis lost much more weight than the second group which didn’t consume tea. Including green tea on daily basis will help you achieve fast weight loss.

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For all those people searching daily rules that need to stick with, you’ve found the most proven ones. These awesome 10 daily rules will help you get fast weight loss than any other rules. Even though it’s fast, if you stick with them you will lose weight in a completely healthy way. In addition, if you follow them and add them as your lifestyle you shouldn’t worry at all about gaining weight back because that will be impossible.

10 Daily Rules for Faster Weight Loss and Easier Hunger Control Pinterest

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