Biggest Secrets to Losing Weight Fast and Naturally

Biggest Secrets to Losing Weight Fast and Naturally

We are living in a world full of secrets, especially when it comes to losing weight. There are many secrets like a cup of coffee can cost you 450 calories and football-size burritos packed with 1,000 calories.

Our team is proud to share with you the top secrets to losing weight that you must know if you want to lose weight. So let’s get started.


  1. Plan Ahead

What’s for supper? Instead striking fear in your heart, this question should be a cheerful one, plan your suppers that you’ll look forward to eating. As soon as you decided what you want for supper, plan out the rest of your day’s meals.

In one study has been proven that a menu plan for the whole day will help you lose weight. This is maybe because having a plan forces you to keep healthier foods on hand. Also a very great benefit from planning your meals is that you will have some kind of eating schedule which means if you already know what you’re going to eat, you’re less likely to let 5 or 6 hours pass without having something to eat. This is a situation that usually results into consuming too much food when you finally sit down to eat.

First of all you need to decide how many calories you should consume. About 1,500 calories a day usually results into 1 to 2 pound of weight loss per week, but this maybe won’t work for you. So you need to calculate your calorie goal:


Your current weight x 12 = calories/day required to keep your current weight.

To lose 1 pound in week: Cut 500 calories a day.

To lose 2 pounds in week: Cut 1,000 calories a day.

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Please note that is not advised to go under 1,200 calories a day, because it’s hard to get the essential nutrients you need with that little food.

Optional: Get a journal and write everything you ate. Many studies show that writing down everything you consume will help you in your progress of losing weight. To start, write down what you ate, how much and how much calories it contained.


  1. A Glass of Wine a Day Is an Effective Fat Releaser

Many people are asking the same question, is it okay to have a drink when they are trying to lose weight? Despite the fact that alcohol is bad for your diet and health, according to many researches a small glass of red wine on daily basis is very good for your health. On this day there are many animal researches that are highlighting it’s a great potential as a fat releaser.

In one study in which around 19,000 middle-aged woman with normal weight were included, those who were light to moderate drinkers had less weight gain and less potential of becoming overweight than those woman who didn’t consume alcohol. In other animal study, the researches found that resveratrol, a very strong antioxidant found in red wine, improved workout tolerance as well as protected versus diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

A Glass of Wine a Day Is an Effective Fat Releaser - Biggest Secrets to Losing Weight Fast and Naturally

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  1. Enjoy a Balanced Diet

There are many other options to good nutrition than counting calories. When you are cutting down portions, actually you are lowering your intake of helpful nutrients, so it’s crucial to make healthful choices. Avoid This Foods If You’re Trying to Lose Weight It’s a good idea to take a multivitamin that provides 100% of the daily values, just to cover your bases. Here are 5 foods that you should be eating as part of your balanced diet:

  • Lean Proteins

According to many studies, gram for gram, protein will keep you feeling fuller than fats or carbohydrates do. To keep your health to high level, choose foods that are low in saturated fat like seafood, lean meat, tofu and poultry. Eat 3 to 6 ½ ounce-equivalents per day.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

You probably know that fruits and vegetables are very low in calories, but they contain a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals-sources that fight disease-causing free radicals and amp up enzymes that clear toxins. You should aim for 1 to 2 cups of fruits and 1 ½ to 3 ½ of vegetables per day.

  • Whole Grains

Whole grains are full of fiber, trace minerals and antioxidants that keep your body and brain fueled. Go for 4 to 9 ounce-equivalents per day.

  • Healthy Fats

Nonfat or low-fat yogurt and milk provide a satisfying combination of protein and carbohydrate. They are a great source of calcium, which people on diet often fall short on. Cheeses contain a lot of calcium too, but it is packed in calories. Choose cheese with bold tastes so in that way your body doesn’t need a lot to get great flavor, eat 2-3 cups of dairy daily. Polyunsaturated fats like canola oil, fish and plant oils and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats like nuts, olive oil and avocados infuse food with flavor. Have around 4-8 teaspoons a day.

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  1. A Daily Dose of Chocolate Can Trim Your Waistline

If you are like the most people, you welcome any excuse to add more chocolate into your life. How chocolate help you to release fat? Here’s the trick: Go massive on the cocoa and light on sugar. This is simply because cocoa has more antioxidants than most foods and is beneficial for many things, like when consumed in moderation it will lead into weight loss.

In one study done in June 2011 from Journal of Nutrition, researchers looked at the effect that antioxidants that is found in cocoa had on obese diabetic mouse. Since a diabetic person life is on average eight years shorter, they were looking for any anti-aging potential that boost dietary intake of this flavonoid might gave. Results of this experiment: The mouse lived longer. In conclusion the cocoa reduced degeneration of their aortic arteries, and it blunted fat deposition.

In order to include more cocoa to your diet strategy, buy unsweetened cocoa and add it to coffee, shakes and other recipes.

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  1. Share Delicious Meals

You won’t be very happy eating carrots and non-fat cheese if everyone else at the table is enjoying pasta smothered in cream sauce. Many studies have proven that often people lose more weight when they do it together, so boost your chances for success and enjoy delicious meals with your family or friends.

Steak, crab cakes and dessert are all possibilities on a diet. Make sure that your family joins you on your quest for better health with our recipes for delicious low-calorie versions of your favorite foods. Just make a good research on our site and find your favorite food. After convincing them how great your diet is, maybe they will decide to change they lifestyle into a healthier one, and suddenly you will work as a group which is far more effective if you are looking to lose weight than doing it alone.

Biggest Secrets to Losing Weight Fast and Naturally

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