Best Nuts for Keto

Best Nuts for Keto

The ketogenic diet has been basking in the spotlight of being the most preferred weight-loss diet for quite a while now. It gets its fame from the endless health benefits that it brings to the table along with the amazing loss of inches.

However, like any other diet, keto can be a little tricky to maintain. Especially, when a couple of bites of peanut butter and jelly sandwich can throw you out of the fat-burning zone that your body took days to get into in the first place.

Choosing your snacks is a big deal; you need to think low-carb and possibly high-fat. And what can be better than nutrient-rich nuts? Here are a few of the best nuts for keto that you can enjoy absolutely guilt-free.

Best Nuts for Keto

3 Best Nuts for Keto | Keto-Friendly & Healthy Nuts

Macadamia Nuts

Anyone who has ever done keto knows that meeting your fat goals without going over your protein limit can be very challenging on most days. Well, macadamia nuts are here to save the day.

What makes them one of the best nuts for keto is their unbeatable ratio of fat to carbs, and the best part is that their protein content is quite low. So you can grab a handful of these for your evening hunger pangs without worrying about your macros.


Pecans are popular in the keto foods community because they have been known to keep your insulin levels in check. Apart from the excellent benefits, pecans are delicious to munch on. They can be clubbed with some blueberries for satiating your sweet tooth. They also make for a great crunchy crust on your lean meats.


Let’s face it, keto-friendly nuts can quickly make your grocery bills go through. These super keto foods are priced very high and for your diet to work, looking for inexpensive alternatives is not a crime.

That’s where peanuts come in with their great nutrient profile and that too at a very reasonable cost. Also, they are a good source of plant protein, so if you are on a vegan keto journey, they will surely prove to be a loyal friend.

Everyone’s body behaves differently on keto; some people like to snack between meals while some find themselves eating only one meal a day. But if you know you are the snacking type, having good knowledge of the best nuts for keto can help you succeed by keeping you from overeating between meals.