8 Weight Loss Strategies That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight Fast

8 Weight Loss Strategies That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight Fast

  1. Talk Yourself Slim

This is the name of a very famous book and a very well known weight loss strategy promoted by hypnotherapist John Richardson, who believes that what you say to yourself, subconsciously and aloud, can in fact help you prevent weight loss – sabotaging behaviors. For instance, on a midnight fridge raid you might say to yourself, “What am I doing here? Is this what I really want?” It is a unique technique that Brian Wansink, PhD and author of Slim by Design, has found to be strongly associated with losing weight. The problem is that many of us are not willing to do it because it’s strange.

However it’s very much worth a try. If you are faced with a snack and you are not hungry, say to yourself out loud: “I am really full, but I am going to consume this anyway” he advises. We have found that when people make that statement aloud, two-thirds of the time they don’t consume the food. That is all you have to do, but you do have to say it aloud.

  1. Stash Your Cheerios out of Sight

No matter how minute your cabinet space or how kid-friendly your kitchen, cereal packages should always be stashed out of sight and never on your countertops. You may be asking, why? Well, because if you have even one box of cereal on your counter, you are most likely to weight a starling 21 pounds more than someone who doesn’t, according to many researches. And those women, who spend more time in the kitchen than men do, are exceptionally vulnerable to cereal.

It has what we call a “health halo”. Its packages are covered with phrases such as ‘contain whole grain’ and ‘now with 11 vitamins and minerals.’ This implies it’s healthy, so we underestimate the calories and overeat it to reward ourselves for being healthy. And that is especially true if we see it every time we go into the kitchen. The only food that is recommended to keep in full view in your kitchen counter is food, according to many dieticians and nutritionists.

Stash your Cheerios out of sight - 8 Weight Loss Strategies That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight Fast

  1. Avoid “Fat Tables” When Eating Out

Our team after many researches found that people who sat by a window or in a well-lit part of a restaurant tended to order healthier foods than those who sat at darker tables. And diners sitting within two tables of the bar drank an average of 3 more beers or mixed drinks than those people sitting farther away. Also, the closer a person was to a TV, the more fried food he or she consumed. Whether or not these choices are casual remains to be determined, however, it can’t hurt to request a table by the window, right?

  1. Create a Diet Station on Pandora

You have a driving station and a workout station, so why not a dieting station? According to many researches, background sound doesn’t just set a mood; it can actually affect our perception of flavors. In one study done in 2012, blind-folded candidates were fed an assortment of sweet and savory foods while listening to white noise and, at different time, background music they loved. The candidates then rated the intensity of the flavors and how much they enjoyed them. The white sound appeared to dull the candidates perception of flavors – they tasted both sugar and salt less intensely. Whereas appealing background music enhanced their perception of flavors. And when you can actually taste your food you tend to enjoy it more, and your brain that you have consumed, ultimately making you feel fuller.

  1. Don’t Hang out in Your Kitchen

All those 21st century fixtures of a very comfy kitchen, like the PC, the kitchen TV, and the kitchen couches? They are making you only pampered and fat. It is very simple, the more you just hang out in your kitchen, the more you will consume. So if you want to lounge heat right to the living room. How to Lose Weight Fast: 10 Ways to Manage Your Worst Cravings

  1. Ditch Your Partner

Normal wisdom would suggest that teaming up with a diet partner will ensure that you stick with your healthy-eating goals (and the easiest buddy to recruit would be your romantic partner). However, social psychologist Jennifer Jill Harman, PhD, recently did a survey on people about how confident they feel about controlling their lunch sizes while alone and also in the presence of others. She found that among 40 overweight, romantic couples who had resolved to lose weight, the more successful one partner was at restricting his or her diet and consuming healthier, the less self-confident the other partner was about controlling his or her own food portions. According to Harman, people feel less confident in their ability to reach their goals when they see others succeeding at the same goals. This makes a weight-loss partnership tricky.

Ditch your partner - 8 Weight Loss Strategies That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight Fast

  1. Reach for Spicy, Strong-Smelling Food

Just because you are denying yourself calories doesn’t mean you should deny yourself intense aromas and flavors – as a matter a fact, just the opposite. Recent research published by the Journal Flavour found that stronger aromas like garlic and onion, lead to smaller bite sizes, and smaller bite sizes are often connected to the sensation of feeling fuller sooner. The results from the study suggest that enhancing the odor of the foods you consume could result in a 5 to 10% decrease in intake per bite. All together, amping up aroma as you tamp down on dinner size could trick your brain into thinking its fuller sooner.

  1. Weigh Yourself a Lot – and Always on Wednesdays

Being obsessed with the numbers on the scale is not your normal weight-loss advice for women. However, according to a new research done in Finland shows that it may be a spot-on suggestion, since the more often dieters weighed themselves in the study, the more weight they lost. As a matter a fact, dieters who went more than a week without weighing themselves actually gained weight. These findings aren’t necessarily casual: The less frequent weighers may have been less serious about their diets to begin with.

Or maybe, they became less committed (and less interested in weighing themselves) only after they’d begun to gain weight. Regardless, according to Wansink, co-author of the study: “If you want to be fit, do what a fit person does.” And fit people, within the context of this study, weighed themselves frequently – anywhere from every day to once a week. Another study done by the same research group found that body weight naturally fluctuates through the week and that most people weight the least on Wednesdays. So if you can’t commit to weighing yourself on daily basis, at least hop on the scale every Wednesday. Seeing low numbers on your scale will always keep you motivated.

8 Weight Loss Strategies That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight Fast